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Grammy Exigesis

Okay, let’s review the main points! Mariah Carey is an absolute heifer, resplendent in her enormous chiffon gown and ratty hair extensions. My Barbie had more realistic hair than that, back in the day, but of course she couldn’t sing … Continue reading

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Tired of Tattoos? Nothing Left to Pierce?

Don’t worry, help is on the way. The latest trend in body modification is bullet wounds. Your kid is probably already begging for one. Use it as an incentive for doing his homework!

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There goes playing “doctor”…….

A six year old boy was tossed out of school for sexual harrassment, after he was seen touching a little girl. However, if this pervert can be believed, SHE touched him first!

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This just in, from my high-level source: Which popstar, egged on by Stella McCartney, “accidentally” stubbed her cigarette out on Heather Mills wooden foot at her and Macca’s wedding?

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A Clockwork Orange

Tony Blair has a great idea for eradicating antisocial behavior. “Bad Families” will be evicted from their homes and placed in government housing to be “re-educated.”   I’m imagining this happening in the US.   We could take all those fat trailer … Continue reading

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Poor Little Conjoined Babies

These babies are so cute! Only watch this video if you want to be sad. They are scheduled for high-risk surgery, in the hope that they can live Normal lives. One of them is often awakened by a punch in … Continue reading

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