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Dear Abby Chastity Belt

For a brief shining moment or two, I was blessed with the opportunity to work for “Dear Abby“, the beloved newspaper advice columnist. For many years, the column has been written by the daughter of the original “Abby”, who is … Continue reading

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Spring/Summer Fashion Bulletin

   It’s that time again: The fashion world demands that you buy ten essential items to ensure  looking as awful as possible. Let me simplify the New Look: 1. Norma Kamali is back! It was bad the first time around, and … Continue reading

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   Look how cool this is: A miniature version of the smallest art gallery in existence (which can be seen currently at the Tate in London.) My favorite of the miniature installations is this set of signs. I wish someone … Continue reading

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Stupid New Word of the Week

heteronormative : Those punitive rules (social, familial and legal) that force us to conform to hegemonic, heterosexual standards for identity. Get it? No? Okay, try this: It’s a word to use when you’re trying to make people feel bad about … Continue reading

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Some Good Advice

My Eyeball Just Fell Out of Its Socket What should I do? By Daniel Engber Villanova basketball star Allan Ray had his eyeball literally poked out of its socket by an opposing player in a recent game. Ray has been … Continue reading

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Say Again?

Miss Deaf Texas killed by train Witness says engineer sounded horn repeatedly before striking 18-year-old The Associated Press Updated: 10:42 a.m. ET March 14, 2006 AUSTIN – The reigning Miss Deaf Texas died Monday afternoon after being struck by a … Continue reading

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“She Wants Revenge”

If you’re anything like me (and I know you are) you love generators. Here’s the choices I just got from a great band-name generator: Crystal Beagle Order Of The Damned Box goatlove The Universal Pancakes The Queer Noise Fondlers The … Continue reading

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Academy Awards Exegesis

   First, let’s get the George Clooney is yummy thing out of the way. Yes, he is yummy, charming, masculine, a nice guy, probably gay but who cares. I want to have sex with him and I speak for all … Continue reading

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I KNEW Bob Hope was a Reptile!

While researching RDI chips (see A Clockword Orange 02-12-06), I came upon a longtime detractor of this technology, David Icke. He is a conspiracy theorist and author of 15 books who has tried to warn us about the New World … Continue reading

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