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Cane Hill

   Once in a while, you stumble upon something online that almost justifies the time you waste there. This happened to me, tonight, when I discovered this photojournal about Cane Hill, an abandoned psychiatric hospital in South London. Built in … Continue reading

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More Tom Cruise

Didn’t it seem like we could be happy if Tom Cruise got punished for his ridiculous preaching about scientology and his fake girlfriend? It should have been a really nice moment, but no, now we have to wonder if Viacom … Continue reading

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If pretentiousness were a crime, and it is, a shop in my neighborhood called “Obsolete”? would be guilty with Special Circumstances. You really haven’t experienced the extreme limits of absurdity in art collecting until you visit Obsolete in person, but … Continue reading

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The Ugliest Shoes in the World!

There are really no words to do these shoes justice.  They’re just so horrible, beyond human conception. Why do these shoes exist, except to evince speechless horror? They even have a “genuine fur accent!” Click here for other views.

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Thank You, JonBenet

Just when I’ve been complaining that what we all need is a nice OJ Simpson style news story, along comes John Mark Karr to claim he killed JonBenet Ransey! This is like pennies from heaven for me personally and for … Continue reading

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The Horror of Kimora Lee Simmons

   Those of us with a perverse interest in awful women are inclined to agree that Kimora Lee Simmons is worth her weight in diamonds as an object of appalled fascination. Pound for pound, KLS is more trashy and bizarre … Continue reading

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Chanel: 0 / Kate Moss: $15,000,000

   I hate Vanity Fair, but I bought the new issue simply because of Kate Moss. There she is on the cover, looking as adorable as ever, if not more so. I fucking love her, and I don’t care who … Continue reading

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The Greed of the Hollywood

I think there are movies you don’t have to see in order to hate them.   “The Passion of the Christ” is certainly one of them, and from my perspective, “World Trade Center” is another. I only heard about it recently, … Continue reading

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I Own, Therefore I Am.

Five years ago, a British artist named Michael Landy performed the public destruction of all 7,226 of his belongings in a vacant building in central London. He stood on a platform over a production line of ten “blue-collared operatives”, directing … Continue reading

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