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Shoot Sweaters, Not Iraqis!

Here is a nice sweater by London designer Robert Cary Williams. Here is how it’s described: 100% merino wool fine black knit with classic v neck and real shotgun holes.   Available in sizes small and medium.   69 GBP   ($129) Yes, … Continue reading

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Tears of Rage

So I’m surfing around the internet, and I click on a link about some billionaire who married his daughter, but it’s not really sordid enough to capture my interest. From there, I click on a news story about an 81 … Continue reading

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Fall Fashion

The magazines and designers have issued their collective Fashion Dictates for the Fall season. You still have time to climb aboard the Fashion Victim wagon if you haven’t done your shopping yet. Here are the top ten trends. 1. Leggings:   … Continue reading

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Peel Here: If Only I Could.

Why does it get harder and harder to open things? Is this considered Improved Technology? I am happy to report that it’s not just me getting feebler. Having struggled in the past to open a stupid bag of Dole salad … Continue reading

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Dead at 27

I’ve been planning to write about the “Dead at 27” phenomenon among rock-stars, hoping to come up with some insight into the significance of age 27. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain and Robert Johnson all … Continue reading

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Blue Thriftshop Lady

I went to a thriftshop on Saturday and the first thing I saw was a wacky looking   lady wearing an amazing get-up, looking through a rack of shirts. My heart skipped a beat! I have a new cell phone, with … Continue reading

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Bush and Torture

Listening to the news today about Bush’s attempt to bully the congress into accepting his pro-torture policy, I realized something: Bush is torturing me, and I want him to stop. Can we file a class-action suit against him for torturing … Continue reading

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What’s Up With Japan?

Without wishing to endorse racism, I have to admit that the Japanese psyche appears to be a little demented when it comes to sex. If bukake wasn’t enough, now I’ve learned about another popular Japanese practice called “chikan“. Chikan is … Continue reading

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Miracle of the Cream Stacking

Last year, on Martin Luther King Day, I took my younger son out to brunch. While waiting for our food, I was seized with an urge to stack the little paper cream containers that came with my coffee. It was … Continue reading

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Meat Love

Jan Svankmajer is an artist and/or nutcase whose films include an obvious masterpiece called “Meat Love.â€? It is the story of two chunks of meat, who fall in love and come to a bad end. It was made in 1989, … Continue reading

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