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Coolest Figure in Rock

   Beth Ditto, a self-described fat lesbian feminist from Arkansas, has just been  named by NME as the coolest person in Rock. She is the lead singer in a band called The Gossip, and her voice has been compared to Janis … Continue reading

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Great Big Babies

One of the very first websites I ever saw was a forum for men who wear diapers. This was a friend’s way of introducing me to the world of the internet. I forgot all about it until recently, when someone … Continue reading

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I Am Thomas Pynchon!

Yes, it’s me. Surprise!   I still value my privacy and I’m going right back into seclusion after I finish this announcement. I don’t mind getting text messages on occasion from J.D. Salinger, but even he can overdo the small talk. … Continue reading

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Perfume The Movie

   If you ‘ve read the novel “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind, you probably agree with me (and Stanley Kubrick) that the book is unfilmable. Period. If you’re a bunch of idiots at Dreamworks, evidently you think otherwise. I was almost … Continue reading

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Scariest Boots Ever

   Which one of these  two styles is the Scariest Boot Ever? I am stumped. You can purchase  either style  here. Please help me decide: Is it the Dead Animal Surprise or the Heather Mills Divorcee? Your vote counts!

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It Isn’t What It Is

   In answer to a reporter’s question about the election results, Tony Snow responded “It is what it is.” Jesus Christ, I hate that expression. It’s the fucking worst, is what it is. It has roughly the same informative value … Continue reading

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What a Great Day!

Rummy’s out, K-Fed is toast, and I’ve got some cool new shoes. Sometimes, life gives you lemonade, know what I mean? Waking up to the news about Rumsfeld was like Christmas morning! Then, watching Bush tell reporters that this isn’t … Continue reading

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Important Beauty Bulletin

Ladies, the wait is over. We can finally dye the hair “down there” to match the hair on our heads. And by down there, I am sad to say I don’t mean Australia. Let me quote the woman who devised … Continue reading

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I Love Katt Williams

Katt Williams is a really funny stand-up comedian who uses the word nigger with such repetition and with so much emphasis that after watching his act, I felt kind of deprived. I want to say nigger too! Of all ethnic … Continue reading

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