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Nan Kempner

   Nan Kempner was a New York socialite famous for her vast collection of couture clothing and her delightful outspokenness, such as her  pronouncement to Vanity Fair, “I loathe fat people!” I remember reading about her in W, which chronicled her … Continue reading

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Send Messages After You’re Dead! offers you a way to send email after you’re dead, and I for one like its suggestion to use this service to “have the last word in an argument.” I don’t really know if this website is a joke … Continue reading

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Meet My Handbag

Going against my own distaste for enormous handbags, I have purchased one from Paul Smith, in an eye-popping shade of bright yellow. This photo doesn’t really capture its size and presence. It cost more than the Blue Book value of … Continue reading

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Design Your Own Boardgame, Sinners!

   Have you ever thought you had a great idea for a boardgame? Here’s your chance to get it made. This company will make a prototype for you, but you’ll have to fill out their form to get a price … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2007 Exegesis

   God, wasn’t it boring? At least there were some fashion atrocities to make it worthwhile. First, let’s review the show itself. George Clooney opened with a Leo Dicaprio joke that a couple of presenters dutifully carried on. It might … Continue reading

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A New Modest Proposal

Has everyone heard about 9 year old Ashley, whose parents call her their Pillow Angel? Since Ashley was born with a rare condition resulting in profound mental retardation, her parents thought it would be nice if Ashley could always remain … Continue reading

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Why Men Pretend to Like Jazz

If you’re a man, you’re probably on record as loving Miles Davis. You probably even call him “Miles.” You have a collection of Cds by Coltrane, Mingus, and Charlie Parker. You get all wistful when you discuss how great Chet … Continue reading

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The Horror of Footwear Continues

   These ankle boots by Robert Clergerie are alarming, but at $895 they are a real bargain. Their “artistic steel heel” manages to evoke a hospital room and a kitchen utensil, as well as some sort of icky prosthetic device. … Continue reading

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What an Asshole

I’ve just read an essay by Chrisopher Hitchens called “Why Women Aren’t Funny.” Obviously, it was written to provoke rebuttal, but why does he even bother? An aging drunken bully, Chistopher Hitchens can always be counted upon to express an … Continue reading

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Fashion Quiz #1

Here is an easy fashion quiz. There is one trick question but I know you’ll get that one right! Scroll down for the answers. 1. Imitation of Christ is a brand started by which ugly actress: a. Sandra Bullock b. … Continue reading

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