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Thank You, Vogue Hommes!

      I thought those satin turbans in all the Prada ads were kind of stupid, until I came across this guy. Now, I’m thinking “Turbans….great idea!” (I found this photo at fashionologie, where there is always something to inspire.)

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sprachgefühl is a German word that means: an intuitive sense of what is linguistically appropriate. Thanks to my sprachgefühl, the use of the word disconnect as a noun has become an agonizing insult to my ears. I have even coined … Continue reading

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More Starving Girl

   I am still concerned about Starving Girl, at Shopbop. She has a strange look on her face here, like she’s thinking of eating the photographer. Take a bite, Starving girl,  you need the calories!

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The $878 Jeans: A Must For Everyone!

Don’t complain that I never call your attention to something nice! I know I’m kind of negative, but that’s just how I roll. These jeans are really special. Just read the description: Stitch’s Totem Sterling Jeans SKU: STI01274 SKU: SWTOTS48 … Continue reading

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A Guide to New Movies!

   As a public service, I will be reviewing movies that haven’t come out yet. I haven’t seen them, but that’s not important. I have seen them in my mind’s eye, and that’s enough. Reign Over Me is a shameless … Continue reading

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Snoopstick: The End of Fun As We Know It

This is so not good. I can’t even begin to say how not good it is. This little device allows you to monitor what someone is doing on their computer in real time, and they have no way of knowing … Continue reading

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What’s With All The Gay-Bashing?

Pretty soon, there won’t be enough beds in rehab for all the gay bashers shooting their mouths off. We’ve got that idiot Pace, we’ve got Garrison Keillor, we’ve got Ann Coulter, we’ve got Hillary and Obama refusing to disagree that … Continue reading

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Patti Smith, My Higher Power

Patti Smith was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as if she didn’t already hold a place among the gods. She seemed so happy to accept the award, so I’m happy, too.   She is my lifelong idol, … Continue reading

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Poor Marc Jacobs

Thank god Marc Jacobs is safely in rehab! I know I’m a little late on this tragic handbag, but now that I’ve   seen it, I can see it was a cry for help.   Where were Marc’s friends when he designed … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter is a Whore!

Oh god,  ‘whore’ is  just a schoolyard taunt. I’m  only kidding! What I meant is that she’s a cunt.

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