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Reverdy and Rozerem

Listening to ‘Bookworm,’ a weekly radio program hosted by Michael Silverblatt, I discovered the French poet   Pierre Reverdy. He is known as a Surrealist, but his poems seem very straightforward to my untrained ears. They are morbid, dismal, creepy, and … Continue reading

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Another Strike Against Phil Spector

Thanks to we can see this postcard from Phil to fellow dirtbag/bigshot Allen Klein, mocking L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley. Click on it to read. The use of ” ’twas ” is totally indefensible. Ugh! Guilty as charged.

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Do You Love Him Or Do You Love Him?!

This guy escaped from jail after killing a guard.  Later, he was caught at an Arby’s. Click on his picture to fully appreciate him.

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Rock & Republic Sample Sale

I’ve never been to a ‘sample sale’ before, and now I know why. A friend invited me to go along with her to the Rock & Republic sample sale in Hollywood on Sunday. Her friend Marissa was working there. We … Continue reading

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Mick Jagger’s Giant Girlfriend

Just making sure that everyone has seen Mick out with his girlfriend, L’wren Scott, a model-turned-fashion designer whose specialty is body-hugging dresses favored by Botox  casualty Ellen Barkin and the very very heterosexual Nicole Kidman. Ms. Scott is 6′ 3″ tall, … Continue reading

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Fun With Mental Disorders

Recently, I discovered a whole new category of mental disorders, known collectively as Delusional Misidentification. With Capgras Syndrome, the person’s primary delusion is that a relative or loved one has been replaced by an imposter who is an exact double. … Continue reading

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Eli Roth Douchebag Correction

Gore-monger Eli Roth is not just a douchebag, he’s a big baby. He’s mad that Hostel II bombed, and he’s blaming it on piracy. “Piracy has become worse than ever now, and a stolen workprint leaked out on online before … Continue reading

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Enough Already With The Salman Rushdie Crap!

Poor Salman Rushdie! Just when I was starting to think it all worked out for him, he goes and gets Knighted by the Queen of England. Now, Pakistan wants him dead again. Get over it, people!   Rushdie has a beautiful … Continue reading

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Julian and Olatz Schnabel: Fun Couple of the Month

Julian Schnabel seems like my kind of guy. I don’t know much about him, but his work has been described as ‘confrontational.’ He bought a three story apartment building in Greenwich Village and then added eleven stories, after a protest … Continue reading

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Father’s Day vs the Second Amendment

This morning, on Father’s Day, one of my neighbors shot his wife and then shot himself. Their 14 year old son was at the store. He came home and found them, and then I guess he told his grandparents, who … Continue reading

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