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Amy Winehouse: A German Review

I guess Amy Winehouse had some difficulties during her recent concert in Germany. It breaks my heart to think she may not be able to pull herself together. Still, it’s fun to read this wacky Google translation of a German … Continue reading

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More Awful Word Usage

I’ve been trying to explain to my husband why I can’t stand the expression “Good stuff!” How do you explain the irritating nature of this stupid rejoinder? “Great stuff” is the same. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. Why do … Continue reading

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“What Not To Wear”: No Thanks.

Last night I watched a TV make-over show for the first time. “What Not To Wear” features a pair of obnoxious “fashion authorities” who convert a normal looking person who has developed their own style, into a bland non-entity you’d … Continue reading

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Are You Worried About Angry Monkeys?

I’ve been worried ever since that birthday cake chimp attack, so it’s good to have some advice on this subject. Slate tells us how to behave around an angry monkey, but I think the first step is to avoid New … Continue reading

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Condi Rice: One Badass War Criminal!

When a protester appeared at a Congressional hearing and stuck her blood-painted hands in Condi’s face, the Secretary of State gave her a look like, “Get up out my grill, bitch!” Whoa! Condi didn’t flinch. What does it take to … Continue reading

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Meet Waris Ahluwalia

Waris Ahluwalia is a socialite, actor, and an untrained jewelry designer whose whimsical pieces are carried at only a few prestigious stores and boutiques. His designs are really cool, as you might expect from a guy who wears a big … Continue reading

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Mr. & Mrs. Depp vs Brad & Angie

Since I can’t have Johnny Depp, it’s good to know that the woman he married is worthy of him. So worthy, in fact, that I would settle for her if I couldn’t have Johnny. Which I can’t. I knew that … Continue reading

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Surgery And Ethics And More

I’ve complained here and elsewhere about the surgical mutilation of disabled minors. I’ve also shared my preoccupation with conjoined twins. Now, I urge you to take a look at a thought-provoking blog where these subjects are addressed with remarkable compassion … Continue reading

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“Bling: Blood, Diamonds And Hip-Hop”

I came upon this documentary by chance, and I recommend it to anyone interested in politics, history, social justice or pop culture. It follows three rap artists on a visit to West Africa to see for themselves how diamonds are … Continue reading

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Joey Bishop: Thank You For Ending It

I’ve been waiting for Joey Bishop to die, not that I dislike him personally, but to mark the official end of the Rat Pack. Maybe now I can live, as Isabella Linton said to Heathcliff. Hy hatred of the Rat … Continue reading

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