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Last Minute Gifts

I’m still looking for that Special Something to give myself for Christmas!   I have sacrificed my valuable time to locate these gift ideas and share them with you. Some are really good and some are really awful, but they all … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Oprah

The time is ripe for Oprah Studies, and an essay in The New Republic is a perfect synthesis of all the ways we might regard Oprah’s impact on our culture. I was enjoying the essay until I came upon the … Continue reading

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Marc Jacobs Is Nuts

Marc Jacobs attended his annual Christmas party dressed as a camel toe. I hope it was a costume party! Marc exclaimed “I thought it would be completely ironic and funny to be a camel toe.” Hahahahaha! It is funny, isn’t … Continue reading

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Beauty, Tattoos And A Warning

This photo is from the  December issue of Italian Vogue. I found it at the very first fashion blog I ever came across, Fashionologie. This picture makes me want to pile on some eye make-up and get a bunch of new … Continue reading

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Important Shopbop Developments

Look, they got Sad Readhead Girl to smile! This is a fantastic triumph for me personally and for the rest of mankind. Unfortunately, we must temper our pleasure with concern for Starving Girl, who looks even thinner. The space between … Continue reading

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Amy Winehouse vs Kanye West

My first thought upon hearing that Amy Winehouse was nominated for several key Grammy awards was “Yay!” My second thought was “Oh no, Kanye West will win, because of his Mama!” No one could be more upset than I was … Continue reading

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The Hyena Men

Look at these beautiful photographs by Pieter Hugo. He travelled in Nigeria with a troupe of animal charmers, and his series of photos, The Hyena Men, is at the Yossi Milo gallery in NYC through January. Here is Pieter Hugo’s … Continue reading

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Hannah Martin: Nothing Comes Close!

Hannah Martin is a young British designer whose jewelry makes me go weak with desire. Please, please, I don’t want to live without at least one of her pieces. You can adore them here or here.

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Rumer Willis: Metaphor or Minger?

I can’t get enough of Rumor Willis. Is it just me? I like to look at her, but I can’t look for too long. I have to turn away, either because I’m a compassionate person or because I’m afraid of … Continue reading

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Kim Cattrall’s Cli’ Taurus

The other night, I came across a made-for-TV documentary about sex, starring Kim Cattrall. I would have skipped right over it if I hadn’t heard her say the word Cli’ Taurus. Whenever I hear this word pronounced like this, rhyming … Continue reading

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