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Literary Deal Breakers

In this essay, a writer discusses how we tend to judge people by the books they read. In my life, this is certainly true, although I don’t think I’ve broken up with anyone on that basis. The essay is full … Continue reading

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Tokyo Fashion Week

Now I’m ready for fall! Check out garconshinois, fur fur, and more, here.

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Reality TV Causes Cancer

   It hasn’t been proven yet, but it feels like cancer. Tonight I watched a show called “I Know My Kid’s a Star” on VH1, and while I admit I’m a novice at Reality TV, surely this is one of … Continue reading

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King of Kong: A Douchebag for the Ages

   I dare anyone top watch “The King of Kong” without shouting “What a douchebag!” at Billy Mitchell, the documentary’s idiotic villain. In a story all about dorky, messed-up guys obsessed with Donkey Kong, Billy Mitchell stands out as sort … Continue reading

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At Last, a Trash Bag to Wear

Cheap Monday, the Swedish fashion line that brought you those $65 jeans that make you look (and feel) like a sausage, has come up with a garment that looks just like a hefty bag. I know everybody loves the Cheap … Continue reading

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Easter Gifts & Memories

Who wouldn’t want this eye-catching bird’s nest bracelet? It’s made of sterling silver and brass wire, a real statement piece according to Vivre, where you can find the most decadent items for the moneyed classes. It’s only $1,035.    I … Continue reading

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The Lure of Yellow

It always annoys me to be part of a trend, but I love yellow. I loved it way back when I bought Mrs. Yellow (my giant handbag, go and look for that post!) I still love yellow, but it can’t … Continue reading

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Kings of Africa

Go here to see some amazing photographs of obscure but powerful tribal monarchs who still rule in Africa. This is Nyimi Kok Mabiintsh III, whose royal apparel weighs 160 pounds.

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Stendahl’s Syndrome & Wordschmerz

“Stendahl’s Syndrome” refers to the symptoms of dizziness, racing heart, and rapture brought about by an encounter with great art. Isn’t that a cool term? While looking at various definitions of Stendahl’s Syndrome, I came upon this list of popular … Continue reading

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Yohji’s Unattainable Dr. Martens

These limited edition runway boots are $3,400 if you hurry up!

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