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The Tudors: Farewell, Pignose!

I was surprised to find my self addicted to The Tudors, on Showtime, which just had its season finale last week.   It seemed pretty stupid the first time I watched it. That Jonathan Rhys Meyers is such a terrible actor. … Continue reading

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The Lourdes Project

I was obliged to find some photos of Madonna’s daughter Lourdes for a work project. I think Lourdes is a beautiful little girl, but at eleven years old, she is already blessed with an impressive unibrow and moustache. The moustache … Continue reading

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Moss Design Online

Moss is a design store with a great online shop full of stuff to drool over or laugh at or both. I love this necklace by Katja Prins, called Bound by Blood.   It “represents prayer necklaces from differing religions, and … Continue reading

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I am the Meanest Person Alive

A close friend was asked her opinion of a profile for a “dating site” by a guy she barely knows. She showed it to me and we laughed our heads off. We are just a couple of cunts. It can’t … Continue reading

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What’s With the Scarves?

I can’t understand the proliferation of these ugly long scarves. What’s the deal? If it’s freezing outside, fine, but with a t-shirt in Los Angeles? The scarf thing is now tantamount to the hat thing. If you’re not Lindsay Lohan … Continue reading

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Now I’m Mad Again (The Power of Not Now)

I don’t know much about that Eckhart Tolle character beyond the facts that he writes best-sellers, Oprah likes him and his name is funny. But I feel a seething hatred brewing for The Power of Now. I just landed on … Continue reading

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Transabled: A Whole New World!

There I was, minding my own business, and by that I mean I was trying to research a disorder called somatoparaphrenia, when I came across a blog called It’s like a mini-mother lode for anyone who’s ever been curious … Continue reading

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It’s Finally Here!

The Cunty Tote, just what we’ve been waiting for, now available from Patricia Field. What an unusual, ahem, online site it is!   I can’t tell if it’s trying to make me sick or what. However, I actually want these sequin … Continue reading

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Visions of Hair

Now, this is hair! Do you love it or do you love it! I believe these hair sculptures are the work of Nagi Noda. I hope Amy has seen these.

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A Morrissey Experience

Last night, the entire Sister Wolf family got off our asses and went to see the Dresden Dolls perform at the Wiltern. The Sons were intent on standing right by the stage, and did so. The Husband and I chose … Continue reading

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