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Weekend Festival of Hate

Today, Queen Marie discussed her hatred of Keira Knightley and I was excited to find that we share this bias. Shared biases are as pleasurable as shared enthusiasms….sometimes more. To be fair to Queen Marie, I don’t think she used … Continue reading

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Waxing For Kids; Trophies For Men

My associate Dr. Larue alerted me to an article in the New York Post about moms bringing in their pre-teen daughters to get waxed.   He knew it would upset me. Not that it takes a village to upset me.   One … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Good Cry

“Loss” is an occasional nightclub in London that promises its patrons an evening of exquisite misery. Apparently, it’s based on the popular crying clubs in Tokyo, where stressed Japanese businessmen can rent rooms by the hour to watch weepy movies … Continue reading

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Why Did I buy This #2

Remember that first Why Did I Buy This? I ended up giving that item away. This time, I’m hoping to keep my purchase, however baffling, and actually wear it. I never wear frilly things or sheer things, or things with … Continue reading

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Ben Stiller and More Merde

Has everyone already heard about the giant inflatable turd by “artist” Paul McCarthy that was blown away from its moorings at a Swiss museum and knocked down a power line before breaking some windows at a children’s home? The turd, … Continue reading

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I Love Myself Too Much!

Those are the exact words I said aloud while laughing at my new blog a minute ago. It wasn’t an evil laugh, but a laugh of pure joy at my own cuntishness. An acquaintance once described me as “vulnerable, with … Continue reading

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The Horror of Ed Hardy

Have you ever marveled at the unmitigated grotesque awfulness that is Ed Hardy? This brand and its ugly stepsister, Christian Audigier, are not only repulsive to the eye, but really expensive, too. I showed the t-shirt above to my teenager, … Continue reading

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Just Admit It, Already!

Every night, I am glued to the TV while Nancy Grace sneers and yells into the camera that Casey whatshername is lying about the whereabouts of her two year old daughter Caley. No shit, Nancy! The mom did it! The … Continue reading

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How Old is Old?

Today I read a boring article by Gen X poster boy Douglas Coupland about growing old. He notes that we all have two ages: the age we really are and the age we are in our heads. Later this month, … Continue reading

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Shoes, Not Whores.

Oh help me Jesus, I have posted and deleted another blog about the crazy whore who keeps getting all up in my shit. I know I should just turn the other cheek, but You know I can’t roll like that. … Continue reading

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