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Bristol Gets a New Baby

As you all know by now, Bristol Palin has “delivered” a healthy baby boy named Tripp. What you may not know is that I am a highly regarded journalist in my spare time, and here are the facts: On December … Continue reading

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Look at What I Didn’t Buy!

I have been craving a pair of sequin leggings ever since I saw some on the glorious Queen Michelle. But every pair I’ve seen online were either much too expensive or too shoddy looking. Then I saw these, on sale … Continue reading

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A Pulp Fiction Christmas

On Christmas Eve, I felt blessed to be surrounded by friends and family, all of us hardcore fans of Pulp Fiction. Unbeknownst to my husband, the entire 4-set collection of Pulp Fiction Action Figures was wrapped and waiting for him … Continue reading

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The Lesbian Stick: A Christmas Story

~this is a reprint from 2006, and a true story.~ Tonight, when I told my older son that I’d found a good Baby Jesus to steal, he reminded me of the Lesbian Stick. A long time ago, in a galaxy … Continue reading

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Intimate Grooming: Just Say Ick

The Intimate Grooming market seems to be booming, based on the success of a product line known as “SweetSpot.”   I’ve noticed these products at beauty supply shops over the last year, and now they are hard to ignore. My friend … Continue reading

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Why Did God Make Rick Warren?

I’m not happy about Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. Why is there an “invocation” anyway, and why does religion have a place in the inauguration? If religion plays a role in this event, … Continue reading

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Should We Blame Mrs. Palin?

Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear that Levi “the Impregnator” Johnston’s mom was busted for drugs in Wasilla. Sherry Johnston has been charged with six felony counts of misconduct involving Oxycontin, a drug commonly known as ‘hillbilly heroin.” … Continue reading

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A Boot With a Mission

The first time I saw this boot at Barneys online, I was truly stunned by its awfulness. What could be uglier?!   Wasn’t Louboutin supposed to be the holy grail of footwear?! I even tried to find it again to show … Continue reading

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The Eating Issue

Last week, it was Oprah. Now, it’s Rachel Zoe. Oprah has gone public with her weight gain, revealing that she’s addicted to food.   I certainly sympathize with Oprah; I feel that inside the Slim Me, is a Fat me, who … Continue reading

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Poor Jennifer Aniston!

Dear Jen, I know you want some positive attention, and posing naked is always good for that. But here’s the problem, and I say it with all due respect: Your chin is the deal-breaker. Your nose came out great, especially … Continue reading

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