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I’m Just Here to Help

Do you want to consider whether your use of the Internet is an addiction? Me neither! Then don’t go here to find out. Do you think it would be tragic to use a website called Closet Viewer to catalog your … Continue reading

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MySpace Romance: True Fiction

Just when I’m trying to finish writing a story I’ve been struggling with, I have to go and orchestrate another MySpace debacle. Can someone please keep track of these for me? I’m losing count. This one was triggered by some … Continue reading

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Jewelry That Speaks to Me

Even though I’m so happy with my little woolfie necklace from Her Amagingness Wendy Brandes there’s no such thing as enough jewelry (or anything else.) This wolf pendent above, by dead ponies, is carrying his tail for some reason, and … Continue reading

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Ode to Rumi

Oh Roomy I saw you speak for the first time Somehow perfect Valley Girl diction, monotone inappropriate laughter Almost Asian but not enough Big mistake rocking that teased hair. ~ dedicated to alittlelux, who sent me here.

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Andrew Krasnow: What a Fucking Cunt™!

Okay, so Andrew Krasnow is an ‘artist’ whose medium is human skin. His ‘work’ is made from the skin of White men who have donated their bodies to science. Apparently, the left over skin can be purchased at auction. Eoow. … Continue reading

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Fashion’s New Rules for Fall 09

You will be craving bigass platform wedges and baggy Boyfriend Jackets. Or else. Acne Fall 09

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An Apology From Sister Wolf

I would like to apologize for the state of California, its idiotic voters and its supreme court, on this black day in our history. I did my best to prevent the election of a stupid body builder as Governor of … Continue reading

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Death & Anger Updates

I just stupidly clicked on an ad that asked “Why so angry?” and ended up here. UGH, now I’m even angrier! Fuck you,! If I wanted a bowl of flowers, I’d go get one. That’s the anger part. ~ … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Women Dress for Men?

Here is a quote from the blog where I saw this photo: “When I came across this picture on the facehunter a few months ago, I started thinking about [the shoes] night and day. Staring at them didn’t do the … Continue reading

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The Crypto-Hipster

I am planning to work on a thorough and definitive study of Hipsters, but naturally I’m putting it off,   because it involves a lot of work. However, I think we can all agree for now that a Hipster is someone … Continue reading

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