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Shoe Problems Solved

So many lives are hanging by a thread because of shoes. I came upon yet another blogger who nearly died of a broken heart when she couldn’t get the ACNE shoes she wanted. Thank god she found another pair of … Continue reading

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The Other Douches

After Jill and Braindance shared their childhood memories of   douche bags, I recalled my own uneasy feelings about those rubber things hanging over the bathtub when I was a kid. They were certainly a fixture in our bathroom, along with … Continue reading

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Looking Stupid at Two Price-Points

Here is an awful stupid top with a horse on it, for $55 at Revolve Clothing. If you prefer spending the big bucks on something awful and stupid, Stella McCartney nails it with this knit dress, at her online shop … Continue reading

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The Irony of Misunderstanding Irony

When Cathy Horyn wrote a piece in the NYT called “Irony and the Old Lady” she was complaining about women who seem to deliberately wear silly clothes after the age of 50. The complaint was picked up in The Cut, … Continue reading

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Billie Jean*

*Listen here ~ Amanda Palmer shows attract misfits, The disenfranchised Cute gay Latino boy with his Mohawk lover Noserings must get caught when they kiss My sons are amped up and ready One angry about taking off his hat. The … Continue reading

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I Love Your Tan Lines?!

Jesus, enough with the public confessions! Watching the latest apology on TV tonight has been torture. Governor Mark Sanford has got to be the stupidest idiot who ever had an extra-marital affair, going on about it for a full twenty … Continue reading

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Fine, I Was Wrong

I made fun of a hideous pants-skirt combination from McQ, but now I see that the pants-skirt is pretty damn good. As long as it’s Comme des Garcons. This ruffly one is saved by the leather buckles. I’d tap that.   … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Search For

Have you ever decided to find something that you can’t find? When this condition becomes extreme, I think it’s a disorder, but I forgot what it’s called. If you look in the same drawer three times in a row, it … Continue reading

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More Willis Fun

Why does Tallulah’s head always look like it was photo-shopped on to her body? It has the same jarring appearance in every picture. Does it jut forward around cameras, or is she without benefit of a neck? When her internship … Continue reading

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Hair and Jackets Progress Report

Looking back on the Bad Hair Lament and the close call with the Topshop Jacket, I can only say Thank god it all worked out okay. Andy fixed the hair and if you live in LA, he will fix yours, … Continue reading

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