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Who Would You Believe?

So here’s the story. The girl on the right is suing the tattoo artist on the left, claiming that she asked for 3 little stars on her face but ended up with 56. Kimberly, 18, said she fell asleep while … Continue reading

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Becoming a Man

I was surprised to hear that Chastity Bono is changing her gender. It’s hard for me to give up   the idea that Chastity was just trying to get even with her mom.   It’s harder and harder to link behavior to … Continue reading

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Sister Wolf Gives Back

With the help of my webmaster, I am able to offer all bloggers* this handy symbol of assurance that no hand-to-face poses will appear on your blog, except in cases of mockery or irony. Please feel free to copy this … Continue reading

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A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

If only I had an income, I would have to buy this embroidered silk biker jacket.   It is not just unconventional, but it immediately reminded me of   Gram Parsons and his white Nudie suit on the first Burrito Brothers album. … Continue reading

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Go Away, You Awful Teenagers

Still under the influence of bad hair, I was informed by KOS of an online fashion mag whose editor is 15 years old. Sure enough, it’s all about high-priced ‘avant garde’ designers and models whose hands are THIS CLOSE to … Continue reading

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A Bad Hair Day

When I’m not happy with my hair, nothing else matters. I am acutely fixated on the not-goodness of my hair. I tried lightening it to a brown color, forgetting how stubborn my hair is about staying black. It is now … Continue reading

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The Good, Bad & Ugly Round-up

Mmmmm, now this is a jacket I’d touch my face for! Why does it have to be $500? Brian Lichtenberg, can’t you please give me one for free, after all I’ve been through? Check out this abomination: “Punk Pants” by … Continue reading

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Manolo Has Jumped the Shark*

What can one say about this atrocity, which features genuine ocelot fur?   Although, now that I look some more, I can see J Lo wearing these, can’t you? *This is the last time I will use Jumped the Shark. From … Continue reading

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But She Does Look Slutty!

Listen to Mrs. Palin’s reaction to David Letterman’s joke about her buying make-up at Bloomingdale’s to update her “slutty flight-attendant look.” Oh, Mrs. P, he didn’t mean Bloomingdale’s literally! Now I’m wondering if she’s even capable of finding her way … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Topshop Jacket

I saw this jacket late at night when I was, ahem,   on my sleeping medication.   It took me nearly thirty minutes of struggling with Topshop’s login system to make the purchase. At several points during the procedure, I asked my … Continue reading

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