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The Progressive Insurance Girl: Why?

If you don’t live in the US, you may not know about this girl. She is featured in a series of TV ads from which there is no escape. At   first glance, or if you’re deaf, you might be pleased … Continue reading

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A Hot Girl and Some Awful Pants

When I go to Nordstrom, it’s always an adventure. The charging and taking back alone is more gratifying that I can tell you. This time, I was dazzled by a Nordstrom employee with a fantastic hairstyle. Her name is Faith … Continue reading

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Mrs. Palin: Is it Genetic?

In an article she wrote about her beloved dad, Chuck Heath, Mrs. Palin wrote: “Mr. Heath is grandpa to 12 fortunate young Alaskans, having an especially unique bond with his autistic eight-year-old grandson. From the first born, Track, on down, … Continue reading

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DJ AM: Another One Bites the Dust

I am still only barely aware of who DJ AM was, but I’m very sorry to hear about his death.   I can’t understand why a man with 11 years of sobriety could throw it all away. Listen to him talking … Continue reading

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The Youngest Wolf surprised me by announcing my birthday from the stage, during his band’s performance at a local music festival.   I was presented with this cake that he secretly made at a friend’s house.   See why it’s great to … Continue reading

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Here’s What Sister Wolf Wants

It’s my birthday, hooray for me! I would like these 18K safety pin earrings, set with black diamonds.   And I feel that they are longing for me, all the way from Browns in London. Someone stupidly priced them at $3,000, … Continue reading

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Fashion vs Porn, Part 2

I subscribed to a fashion blog called Fashion Copious a few weeks ago, and felt increasingly creeped out by its contents. Today, upon realizing that I’ve become more familiar with Kristen McMenamy’s waxed landing strip that I am with my … Continue reading

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Mrs. Palin on FB: Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs!

Mrs. Palin has over 800,000 fans on Facebook, where she posted a note today, asking people to watch racist crybaby Glen Beck on Fox news. Glenn’s corporate sponsors have been pulling their ads due to public pressure. Here is a … Continue reading

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“I won’t waste too many words trying to explain this stunning video, which is by Will Hoffman and the folks at Radio Lab. At first glance, it’s a mere collection of ordinary moments – a falling teardrop, an escaped balloon, … Continue reading

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Newest Shopbop Offering

It’s good to wear a dress that makes you look like you have a tail because ——————.

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