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A Good Question Worth Considering

After mocking ShopCurious the other day, I was disarmed by the playful response from the site’s creator, Susan. On her ShopCurious blog, she poses the question, What would you like to be remembered for? I think it’s a great question … Continue reading

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All New Chance to Spend Money

Here is the second offering from Sister Wolf’s Hoarded Fashion Collection . All proceeds will pay bills and enable the Sister Wolf Boat to stay afloat for the time being. Own a piece from this collection and you will own a … Continue reading

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The Wrong Color

I couldn’t help admiring this dress until I read the description. “Black and donkey coloured long-sleeved knit dress…” The attached sweater thing looks kind of mauve, doesn’t it? What color is “donkey coloured,” anyway? Many hundreds of years ago, when … Continue reading

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Another Girl Hates Me!

And not only that, she called me a stupid cunt! See, this is why I’m against comment-censorship. Instead of deleting Ellen’s rant, I would like to deconstruct it. I will need all the help I can get, though. Here is … Continue reading

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Finally, the Cunt Ring!

I wasn’t even looking for it, and boom, there it was! Only $31, too. All the stuff at The Alley Chicago reminds me of the gnarlitude girl, who never tires of saying, “Fuckin RAD!” or “Look at my old man, … Continue reading

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“Jeggings” Not Bad Enough?

The insults never stop. ” Jeggings” seemed like a true winner in the Awful New Fashion Jargon category, easily on a par with “Shooties.” But Stylebop has gone that extra mile with “Jeggins.” Are they trying to kill me?!? On … Continue reading

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The Nursing Home Gambit

In the ongoing daily struggle against health-care incompetence, the major event of the week was The Nursing Home Gambit. It began when the chief of medical staff came in to say that Blue Cross was refusing to cover any further … Continue reading

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Adam Goldberg: YES

I saw this photo the other day in juxtapoz, a stupid art magazine that my adopted son* Chris brought over.   I was stunned by the glory of the poster on the wall: NO YOU SHUT UP is the single most … Continue reading

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Your Chance to Spend Money!

I haven’t been able to work since August, and now there is a pile of unpaid bills. This is not a “boo hoo, poor me” thing, it’s just a fact.   As you know, I was formerly a highly paid tabloid … Continue reading

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Waiting For Mr. Capote

Mr. Capote shares a room with Max and has the side with a window. It’s also the side with the television. I used to assume that the window side was reserved for V.I.P.’s (i.e., people with better insurance) but now … Continue reading

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