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Styling is Everything

Whenever I get email updates from Pixie Market, I dutifully click to see their new arrivals, and inevitably I am horrified. It’s not the items they sell, but how they are put together.   Why would anyone want any of the … Continue reading

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“The Cool Thing About God”

I’m sorry, I just can’t enough of this crazy bitch!   She’s so full of shit when she talks about her “faith!.”   Please enjoy.

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Stuff You Need: Another SW Fundraiser

Okay, you know the drill.   Here is a chance to buy something from Sister Wolf’s Hoarded Fashion Collection . Funds must be raised. So here is a vintage charm necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane, an original from the late 70s and … Continue reading

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Stop and Laugh at Mrs. Palin

Times are hard but there is joy if you look for it.   Spend a moment with Andrew Halcro…..

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Sea of Shoes is Through Taking Your Shit

That’s right, you meanies. She has shut done her comments because of you. Well, not exactly.   Let her explain in her own words:   “Comments aren’t necessary.” Who cares what you people think?!? Fuck all y’all. Sea of Shoes is famous … Continue reading

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Scumbags, Douches and Jerks

Tonight, some friends and I were discussing some mutual acquaintances. It emerged that there was some confusion about how to categorize certain types of men we disdain. To me, a Douche is instantly recognizable as such. He doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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Just Admit it, Demi

After suggestions that her cover photo on W magazine was photoshopped, Demi Moore has come forward to deny it. She has been very adamant that this is an un-retouched photo, even though her left hip is visibly out of line … Continue reading

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Read Mrs. Palin’s Mind and Win a Prize

Mrs. Palin’s tour bus arrives at Grand Rapids, MI, for her first book-signing appearance. Enlarge the picture to enjoy its full impact. Finish this sentence: “I’m carrying Trig because ——————————————.” Again, I am offering the Dead Sweater to the winner. … Continue reading

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Falling Off My Horse

Despite all my talk about being a samurai, I fell off my horse yesterday. It was bound to happen sometime, but it left me shaken and badly bruised. Among my family troubles are Other family troubles. Things spun out of … Continue reading

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Goony Bird Helps Out

I have seen this dress by Alexander Wang EVERYWHERE in the last few days, and even though it’s beyond my means and spoiled-by-association re Erin Wasson, I have coveted it. Blue sequins = heaven. But one look at Goony Bird … Continue reading

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