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Good Riddance to 2009!

The only thing good to say about 2009 is that it’s finally ending. What an awful year it’s been. Please join me and Sea and Ronald in hoping for a brand new start in 2010! If you don’t already have … Continue reading

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Oooh, Demi Has a Lawyer!

Demi Moore has a lawyer and she’s not afraid to use him. She is threatening to sue the Internet for daring to accuse her of being photoshopped on the cover of W magazine. You can read her lawyer’s letter here. … Continue reading

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A New Page

How can I thank the Angels who have made donations to the Sister Wolf Plague of Calamities Fund? You are amazing. You have given me strength and put food on my table.   I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve you but … Continue reading

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The Thrill of Neiman Marcus

For the first time in months, I went out to shop today! My BF took us to Neiman Marcus, where we saw LaToya Jackson in the men’s department wearing a red Santa hat and sporting a bubble butt that jiggled … Continue reading

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Godawful Jeans Alert

Okay, you thought you’d seen everything after those horrible muffin-jeans, but check out the Sneaker Jeans, again from our visionary friends at Karmaloop. Laces, grommets AND zippers! WHY?

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Out, Damn G Spot!

When my friend R suddenly proclaimed herself skeptical about the G Spot during Christmas Eve dinner, I told her she was preaching to the choir. According to R, that idiot “Dr. Oz” was on TV trying to teach people how … Continue reading

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Again With the Lesbian Stick

It’s an official tradition*; every year at this time, I have to post The Story of the Lesbian Stick.   If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, then you know nothing of lesbians or the Spirit of Christmas. Love … Continue reading

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A New Christmas Miracle

The day started out badly and quickly got worse. I realized that I forgot to make my credit card payment, but I don’t have the money to pay it anyway. Then, I tried to negotiate a payment plan with the … Continue reading

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Comments For Jane 12/23/09

As you probably know, Sea of Shoes is very busy getting ready for Christmas, and she even helpfully explains that “Thursday is Christmas Eve, Friday is Christmas…”   The girl is sharp as a tack, you have to hand it to … Continue reading

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Facebook is Wack

Because I’m an addict and an idiot, I’ve spent hours tonight staring like a zombie at crap online. I checked out these pointy-tied Dr. Martens and thought, Eh, they won’t fit and I’ll just have to send them back. Later, … Continue reading

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