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Come Together

My friend and fellow blogger Janet, who goes by the name Iheartfashion, has lost her husband to suicide. It is a terrible time for her and her two kids. No one saw this coming, and now she needs our support. … Continue reading

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Explain These Shoes, and More

Just tell me why we need our feet to look like hooves or camel-toes. Is it because the designer is Maison Martin Margiela? Can I tell you a secret? I don’t care about Martin Margiela! Or even Ann Demeulemeester! I’m … Continue reading

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Online Shopping Addiction: The 12 Steps

1. Put your item in the shopping cart. 2. Open a new window and go to a news website 3. Take a few cleansing breaths 4. Think about all the things you own that are nearly EXACTLY like the thing … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2009 Exegesis

If you missed the Golden Globes Awards, you didn’t miss much, but here are the highlights: Nicole Kidman wanted to show off her nipples. Why, I have no idea. She appears to have lost her mind or her bathroom mirror. … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Thank the Gays

Remember when Lady Gaga said that on live TV? I thought it sounded insulting, until one of my own gays explained that she used the words ironically. Watching Anderson Cooper reporting from Haiti tonight, I was struck anew by his … Continue reading

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American Red Cross

Donate here, or to Oxfam, or GlobalGiving.

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Mom Is Mad At Me

Several readers told me to go check out Mom of Shoes‘ new boots, so naturally I was curious enough to take a look. I left a nice comment but guess what? She deleted it! And not only that, she deleted … Continue reading

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I came across this picture of a Nature Girl With Lesbian Stick while browsing at twistedlamb, a blog with a very strong sensibility I’ll call Pagan Hipster. It involves S & M, sexual ambiguity, Goth glamor and a whiff of … Continue reading

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English, Motherfucker! Do You Speak It?

So much fuss over words! And yet, what else do we have if we want to communicate? I am constantly amazed by how often people complain when you expect them to either say what they mean or mean what they … Continue reading

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Awful Jeans of the Week

By our friends at Tripp.

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