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Bill Donohue: Cunt of the Week™

Bill Donohue, president of The Catholic League, is such a fucking cunt, he is almost off the scale. I watched him on Larry King last night, on a panel discussion of the current crisis facing the Catholic church. Donohue was … Continue reading

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A Genius Speaks

On the subject of Terry Richardson, here is blogger ‘Gnarlitude Jen’: “If someone is uncomfortable in any situation, they have the fucking choice to say NO. Sorry but this is a choice those models made. If he got naked and … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Cravings

On my mental list of shit I wish I could buy, the most persistent craving is also the most inappropriate: leather shorts. I can’t think of another fashion purchase that would be more inappropriate, except maybe a romper. (Sorry about … Continue reading

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Footwear That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Will you look at this shit? Is it a shoe or a boot or something else that never should have happened? It’s by Jeffrey Campbell, duh, and it’s called “The Knee High Iconic Gladiator” and here I forget the last … Continue reading

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Some Bloke Came up to Me…

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All New Nordstrom Adventure

When you’re unemployed and have no money, you go out to have lunch in department stores. If you use your charge card, it’s free.   Here I am at Nordstrom on Friday, trying on a pseudo-Chanel jacket by Trina Turk. Seen … Continue reading

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Comments For Jane 3/28/2010

Sea has been on the road with Dad, I think to SXSW to hear some awful new bands. She got to hang out with her Asian-ish friend Ronald, but really the main event was her new boots by Maison Martin … Continue reading

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Goony Bird Perfects Her Stare

How does she do it?!? (Rag and Bone at Shopbop)

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Trade in Your Old Butt

Reading an article about the rise in Ethnic Rhinoplasty, I clicked on a doctor’s name and Voila! His gallery of Buttock Augmentation before-and-after pictures is astounding! Who even thinks of getting their butt augmented? It seems like it would be … Continue reading

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H&M Responds

Dear [Sister], Thank you for your email. One of the campaigns at H&M this spring was shot by Terry Richardson. We always have an H&M representative present during our fashion shoots and we have no information that something inappropriate has … Continue reading

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