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Bad Taste Alert

Jesus. Ugh. “Exclusive tribute tee to Alexander McQueen; crew neck tee reading “Fashion Is Suicide” on front and “Fashion Is Not Suicide, R.I.P. A. McQueen” on back; 100% cotton.” By Dimepiece Designs.   $42 at Karmaloop

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Cunt of the Week™: The State of Arizona

A reader nominated this week’s winner and while it’s not often we think of an entire state as a cunt, Arizona is an exception. Arizona’s Immigration Bill SB1070 means that all immigrants in Arizona must now carry their alien registration … Continue reading

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Another Goddess

Oooooh! She’s like a cross between Daria and Angelina. How can someone be so beautiful?! Naty Chamanenko may not have a gap between her teeth, but I may have to dump Abby Lee for her. Do you have a non-lesbitious … Continue reading

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Ferocious, with Antlers

I feel like I’m probably the last person to discover Mouton Collet, but better late then never, in this case. Everyone loves antlers, so this furry hate is “right on trend.”   Mouton Collet designed a white antler hat for Lady … Continue reading

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The Black Baby Gambit

AS IF! This has got to be the most outrageous damage-control move in the history of publicists. Imagine being at the meeting where this story was hatched. “Okay, we’ve got to change the narrative about Sandra, asap! The Nazi stories … Continue reading

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Irregular Choice or Unspeakable Horror?

I’m aware that the shoe brand Irregular Choice has its fans but surely this specimen is unforgivable.   Take a moment to ponder the insults going on here. For some reason, the open toe strikes me as the last straw. I’m … Continue reading

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Here’s my mom. She died on April 27, 2001.   She loved opera, chili, shoes, vodka, books   and traveling. On her deathbed, watching Jeopardy on TV, she shouted out “Loyola!” and she was correct. She was nuts, and I miss her. … Continue reading

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Gap Teeth Love

I don’t know why a gap between the front teeth is so endearing, but I assume it’s something to do with evoking babies. I can’t resist a gap-toothed smile.   It’s only fair that Johnny Depp got the gappest-toothed woman in … Continue reading

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Comments for Jane 4-26-2010

Let’s get through this quickly:   Sea is so excited about her shopping trip to Tokyo that she’s already started packing. Why is she packing those Prada shoes that are supposed to be Mom’s? There’s some funny business going on with … Continue reading

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Sass & Bide Plus Goony Bird =

What the hell is up with Sass & Bide? This skirt is just baffling.   Shopbop, naturally, $265.   Add Goony Bird and it’s a complete nightmare. Can anyone explain?

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