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Comments for Jane 4/14/2010

I don’t think I can take much more of this. It’s killing me. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.   (Samuel Beckett) Sea is excited about going to Tokyo in a couple of weeks to spend a few million dollars … Continue reading

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The Crazy Mothers Club IV

Has everyone read about the woman from Tennessee who sent her adopted son back to Russia after deeming him too psychotic to handle? People are up in arms about this, primarily against the mother, who put the 7 year old … Continue reading

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More Whining About Leather Shorts

Still suffering from the irrational and inappropriate longing for leather shorts, I was thrilled to find this hideous pair above, by Derek Lam, for $1,450 at It’s always nice when your unwholesome shopping fixation is chipped away by images … Continue reading

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Leonor Scherrer: The It-Girl of Death

Why do we have to have people like Leonor Scherrer? The daughter of French designer Jean-Louis Scherrer, she is the ultimate spoiled, entitled ultra-hipster who favors a dykey Goth look and has started a company called Leonor Funeral Couture to … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Rumer Willis

I’m having trouble with Being Present. I find that whatever I’m doing, I’m somewhere else in my head. This isn’t good. It causes a lot of household problems, because I don’t remember what I started out to do. The only … Continue reading

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Cunt of the Week™: Abdoulaye Wade

President Abdoulaye Wade celebrated Senegal’s 50 years of independence by commissioning a gigantic bronze Soviet-style monument that cost $27 million and was built by workers from North Korea. Wade calls it a monument of The African renaissance, but critics call … Continue reading

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How Stupid Are We?

Remember when it was summer, and we’d cut off an old pair of jeans to make shorts? I still do that, nearly every year. Why do trendy brands like Vince think we want to pay $195 for a pair of … Continue reading

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Today’s Secret Word

The word for the day is badass. It’s a self-negating word, like “classy.”   Once you use it, it can’t apply to you. Scream really loud each time you see it or hear it.

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Now It’s Sunglasses

Oooooh, I want to curate and fondle these sunglasses. Did you know there are whole blogs devoted to cool eye-ware?! Shit! It never ends.

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Comments For Jane 4/06/2010

Sea has been busy busy busy.   Above, she models the first creation of a new jewelry and belt line that she and Mom are launching. Hopefully, there will be giant slugs and cockroaches too. Secretly, Sea has been visiting the … Continue reading

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