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The Land Down Under

While searching for dreadlock remover (imagine a little sad-face thingy here) I came across this wonderful product for use Down There. “Rid yourself of the unwanted grays and give hair down there a beautiful boost of color that’s destined to … Continue reading

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Keith or Anita?

Thinking about the Stones during all the Exile on Main Street mania, I realized that while most girls cite Anita Pallenberg as a Style Muse, I would choose Keith instead. Anita is gorgeous. She got at least two Stones to … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Patti Smith

Patti Smith gave a commencement speech at Pratt Institute on Monday night: “I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to talk about: Moby Dick, the slaves of Michelangelo, Hans Hoffman, My Bloody Valentine, but now that I’m here, my greatest … Continue reading

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A Cure For Shopping?

The sight of this fake fur jacket triggered my shopping addiction, big time. To make things worse, it’s called the Wolf Jacket. It seemed like destiny, if destiny were a voice in my head saying “Buy it, put it on … Continue reading

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Not Better Than a Poke in the Eye

Am I the only female on earth who doesn’t care about Sex and the City? I don’t care about the new movie any more than I cared about the other movie, which I didn’t see. Who gives a shit about … Continue reading

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Something Different

Tonight I can truthfully say that I’m sick of everything. Or rather, the same old everything. I need something new to look at and fixate on. I can’t take any more dumb idiots, dumb whores or dumb dummies. No more … Continue reading

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Tuesday Morning *UPDATE

The firstborn Wolf is having surgery, so send him blessings and play nicely among yourselves until I get back. You can listen to his music here. xo ~ * Thank you so much, everyone who sent good wishes! Everything went … Continue reading

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All Things Icky II

A few people have cited a certain blogger as someone who would annoy me, so tonight I checked her out. The thing that struck me most was her hideous collection of claw-themed jewelry. Why the fucking claws?! (Somehow I feel … Continue reading

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Date Night

Last night, the sons were both out for the evening and we had the house to ourselves. My husband turned on the Jimmy Fallon Show, which was showing clips from the forthcoming documentary about the making of Exile on Main … Continue reading

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Kate Moss for Melissa/Anglomania

What an arresting image! I love it. Can any of you smart ones offer an exegesis?

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