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Goony Tries a Head Tilt

Eh, I’m not feeling it. Don’t compromise your trademark stance, Goony Bird! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (Or as Max liked to say, If it ain’t broke, break it.)

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Bloggers With Influence

Aren’t you sick of hearing about which fashion bloggers are influential? Have you ever been influenced by a blogger to do anything besides vow not to make an ass of yourself? Okay, that was a little harsh. Many fashion bloggers … Continue reading

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Warwick Saint: Ink

If you’ve never wanted a tattoo, have a look at these stunning portraits by photographer Warwick   Saint. After ogling the girls, check out his India photos here. I just discovered him and it’s love at first sight.

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Way Too Gnarly

“Really love the studded coat that closed the show, it just reminds me of ALL my friends growing up and their leathers. As much as it makes me laugh to see our teenage looks adopted into the fashion world everywhere, … Continue reading

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Karla’s Joke

I always forget to visit Karla’s Closet, but when I returned recently I was struck by how often Karla is enjoying a private joke with herself. She just cracks herself up! What is the joke?!? It looks like a good … Continue reading

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Look Like a Horsey at Two Price Points

If someone wearing these jeans came galloping toward me, I’d have a stroke. Don’t they remind you of a satyr from Greek mythology? Or are they just hideous?       (Cheap Monday, $87 at Shopbop) Less Dionysian but grotesque in its own … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Lucas Revolution

I received a newsletter from Lucas on the road, and I’d like to share his adventures with you. I hope he won’t mind. (He can always file a restraining order.) ~ Dear Friends and Lovers, I made it.   Today I … Continue reading

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Troubled Teen III: Institution!

Whenever I hear the word “institutionalized” my brain starts playing the old Suicidal Tendencies anthem. All I wanted was a Pepsi!!!! Lately, someone has been exclaiming, “Sister Wolf was once institutionalized!” I assume this refers to the time I entered … Continue reading

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Skinny Fat Skinny Fat

This is my current favorite model at RevolveClothing. I call her Doll Girl because of her perfect doll-like face and proportions. But today, I saw this picture and did a double-take. What the hell?! Is Doll Girl photoshopped here? Who … Continue reading

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Free Speech and My Hair

Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself. ~ Salmon Rushdie

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