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Take That, Jeffrey Campbell

Ugh! Oh god. As if! ‘What an Angel’ by Irregular Choice.   $225 at Karmaloop.

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Bloggers Doing Bloggers

Godammit, I was planning a dress-up-like-your-favorite-blogger style challenge but Bryanboy beat me to it with his Halloween Tavi. I grabbed this picture from twitter so it may not be his final choice but as you see, he has nailed it. … Continue reading

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TFB: Exploitation or Success?

When I first saw this photo of Tragic Fashion Boy, I felt a mixture of outrage and sorrow. It’s part of some fashion shoot but it looks like child pornography. Is it the bony little torso that makes it upsetting? … Continue reading

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Messing With Goony Bird

First they give her polio by photoshopping that leg. Then, if that’s not enough, they give her extensions! I say, Let Goony be Goony! Don’t fuck with her. I may have to write a heartfelt letter to Shopbop. Meanwhile, meet … Continue reading

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Vintage Douche

Lately, I keep reading about “What Goes Around Comes Around,” a vintage clothing shop in New York where hipsters get their old jeans and military jackets. The first time I heard about this place was a piece in Time Out … Continue reading

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Insouciant Style Blunder

Here are Erin Wasson and a girl carrying either an elephant trunk or a dead emu. Whatever. They were celebrating the Los Angeles opening of a Vanessa Bruno boutique, where, according to Refinery 29,   “all the L.A. lasses had us … Continue reading

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What About Diane Pernet?

All I knew about Diane Pernet is that she looks silly and has a blog, so tonight I took a longer look. But I still can’t figure out what she’s trying to say with her costume. I guess we’re not … Continue reading

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NSFW – The What Band

‘A long lost underground classic video from The What, the greatest band never heard. Originally titled “In Praise of Militant Feminism of the Most Exotic Varieties”, Bacchus Racchus takes us back to the Dionysian revelry of the golden age, utter … Continue reading

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Literary Tattoos

The tattooed image is becoming passe as more and more people choose words to express themselves. Not just mottoes like “Death Before Dishonor,” but whole passages from novels or favorite poems. The James Joyce one above is kind of pretentious … Continue reading

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Ode to Summer

Summer Adeline is a cool girl who I never met until she made me a necklace with a locket for Max’s hair. I only knew her from her website and some blog comments but I had a feeling that she … Continue reading

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