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Banned Words for 2011

Lake Superior State University has just released its “2011 List of Banished Words.” Check it out here. It’s pretty good. I’m especially pleased that they included “Man up.” But they left out so many awful words and terms, including one … Continue reading

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Yes, a Hideous Shoe Post

Here is another offering from the cynical monster known as Jeffrey Campbell.   Each time he comes out with one of these, he is slapping his knee and laughing. He wants to see how far he can push today’s brainwashed consumerettes. … Continue reading

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The Stuff We Leave

What if you disappeared tonight, and at some point in the future, even tomorrow, an archeologist tried to understand who you were by the stuff you left behind? If someone had only my possessions to determine my character, to try … Continue reading

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Bryanboy’s Christmas Miracle, Page 3

Illustrated by Tatyana T.   (Click on image for full size)

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Vulva Diversity: Uh-Oh.

God, I’m such a know-nothing. First I find out about “slut shaming” long after all the other sluts, and now I see there’s a movement for Vulva Diversity. An organization called New View, whose worthy mission is to “challenge the … Continue reading

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Once Again: The Lesbian Stick

Let us all follow the Christmas tradition* of reading The Story of the Lesbian Stick. ~ *This year it’s dedicated to Max. Thanks, honey! You know how much I treasure that stick. xoxo

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Awww, Little Sister Wolf at 3 years old.   This picture is up on a bulletin board in the living room, with masses of other family photos.   I always thought it was cute until one of my friends deemed it “Tragic.” … Continue reading

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Denim Maxi Skirt

This skirt makes me   want to __________________________. Genetic Denim,   $220 at Shopbop.

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Bryanboy’s Christmas Miracle: Page 2

Illustrated by Tatyana T.   (Click on image for full size)

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Exciting Bryanboy Children’s Book!

Bryanboy and the Christmas Miracle will be a book to cherish for the whole family! Celebrate the holiday season with this heartwarming tale of loss, courage and the Lord’s love! Here is the first page, illustrated by the brilliant artist … Continue reading

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