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Black Metal Stupidity

I always enjoy the discovery of a scholarly approach to a silly or lowbrow subject. Remember when Camille Paglia used to write about Madonna? I had no idea that Black Metal Theory is now a philosophy and field of study … Continue reading

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A Different Jane to Bitch About

Jane Pratt has finally launched her new online magazine and I want to know why something so awful and pointless can even get off the ground. Everything about it is stupid and bad. And where’s Tavi?? Remember when this was … Continue reading

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Losing It

Reading the New York Times online, I just got sidetracked by a link that said: “Worried about your memory? 5 Signs   it’s Serious.” As it happens, I have no short-term memory and little of the other kind either. People are … Continue reading

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Lars Von Trier: A prankster, not a Nazi

After a silly press conference in Cannes to promote his new film, Director Lars Von Trier has been  officially  banned from the film festival for his absurdist remarks about Hitler. Reading his “10  most controversial statements” I think it should be clear to … Continue reading

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: What a Fucking Cunt!™

Godammit, I told you so!. I can’t stand Arnold and I have never figured out why people believe he is anything other than a big stupid moron. The myth that Arnold is “actually very smart” is just preposterous! Fuck! Way … Continue reading

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All New Houseboys

I’ve tried to include Houseboys for all tastes but in fact they are all my favorites for this week. They can serve drinks and do odd jobs around the house, like fluff up your pillows. Take your pick and have … Continue reading

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The Hermes Lady: A Sermon

First of all, that Hermes lady is fucking nuts about her photos. She doesn’t want her photos used to mock her. They are there for praise only! They are there for gloating, not for you internet people to copy and … Continue reading

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Asian Beauty and Racism

I’m looking forward to V Magazine’s “Asian Issue,” available May 12. Ten per cent of the proceeds will go to help Japan, so you can feel virtuous while admiring a group of stunning Asian models. But is it racist to … Continue reading

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Scary, icky and risky: Let’s Do it

I-BRITE   Eye Whitening is a new cosmetic procedure if your eyes seem kind of blah. Maybe the whites of your eyes aren’t as bright and flawless as a toddler’s. But why should you suffer this indignity?!  Why not have those tiny veins … Continue reading

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Fun With Werner Herzog

I fucking love Werner Herzog. I love his  interviews  and panel discussions as much as I love his movies.   He is a master at articulating abstract ideas and finding absurdity and  allegory and pathos in almost every human endeavor. Max loved him too. … Continue reading

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