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Which Shoe Makes You Sadder?

“Not just a sandal–a work of art, a thing of beauty. This Brian Atwood sandal boasts wild leopard print, ribbons that lace up your ankle, and feathers that sway with every step.”    $1,450 Neiman Marcus “Not just a shoe–an … Continue reading

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Houseboys for August

I don’t know where you live, but Los Angeles is hot and sweaty in August. I need a Houseboy to fan me while I sip a cold drink. Jo Dong Hyuk looks like a highly accomplished Houseboy, don’t you think? … Continue reading

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Bad-Girl Style

An article in the New York Times offers an affectionate tribute to Amy Winhouse’s style, giving her credit for creating a unique look based on several Bad-Girl templates. The article reminded me of how many girls still try to imitate … Continue reading

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Let’s Just be Mad

“Filming began Tuesday on “Oz: The Great and Powerful,” the star-studded new-spin prequel to “The Wizard of Oz,”  in Michigan, Disney announced. James Franco takes the lead as the young pre-Wizard, a magician who finds himself cast off into Oz. There … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Amy

My poor darling Amy. I didn’t expect you to die, even if everyone else did. I expected you to get clean and sober, somehow. I expected you to live and I wanted you to live even if you never made … Continue reading

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The Fork

Remember The Nose War? Well, now it’s a fork. There’s a fork on the bookcase by the front door, and it’s been there for at least a week. Maybe two weeks. My teenager asked me about it, without implying that … Continue reading

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The Wedding: A Parable.

Recently I attended the wedding of one of Max’s oldest friends, who was also a member of his band.   It was a joy to see this wonderful young man celebrating his love for his adoring bride, his obvious soulmate. The … Continue reading

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Memorial Tattoo

It’s taken a while to decide on a   tattoo   tribute to Max. I finally felt ready and went to my local tattoo parlor, Ink Ink, in Venice. I talked to a veteran artist named Stephanie, who turned the elements I … Continue reading

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As if.

These metallic pants would look great with ________________. Sass & Bide, $561 at shopbop.

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Too Stupid to Get Out of Jury Duty?

Well, everybody is mad, and here’s why:   That bitch is guilty! No matter how many lectures are written about this trial and its coverage in the media, if you followed the whole thing from the beginning, you know she’s guilty. … Continue reading

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