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Foxconn, Apple and Hell

Remember that factory in China where 17 workers committed suicide? Remember how we were assured that compared to the general population of China, this rate of suicide was actually very low? Foxconn is Apple’s largest supplier of iPads and iPhones. … Continue reading

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Behold the Willis Girls

I was thrilled to hear that Tallulah Willis (middle, above) was   chosen to attend the prestigious Debutantes Ball   at the Crillon Hotel on Paris’ Place de la Concorde. At just 17 years old, Tallulah is one of the youngest of … Continue reading

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Chanel is Crap and Cunt of the Week™

Here is Chanel’s new red nail polish, “Pirate.” It was $23 plus tax. This is what is looks like after one week. It is the shittiest nail polish ever. Ever. Don’t fall for it! Get some cheap brand from a … Continue reading

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The Art of Self Harming

Mary Coble is a dedicated artist whose 2005 performance piece, Note to Self, involved being tattooed with the names of 436 gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered people who died as a result of hate crimes.   The performance took 12 hours. … Continue reading

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A Very Nice Person

Look at this nice person I met at the mall today! I asked him about his sit-ups and whether he did a lot of crunches. But he was too nice to talk about his work-out regime. All he wanted to … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned About Suicide (for Simone)

I’ve learned that doctors are trying to develop a predictive tool that could warn of a patient’s risk of suicide. “We can identify those individuals with highest risk for potential suicide, but we can’t identify those who will commit suicide … Continue reading

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Sruli Recht Delivers

Remember Sruli Recht, the Israeli/Australian designer with a studio in Iceland? His ready-to-wear menswear is now available online! The sweater and shorts above are made from the wool of Icelandic sheep who “have been bred unmixed for 11 hundred years.” … Continue reading

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What is the point of Herman Cain?

What is the point of this guy??? Why don’t the Republicans nominate Bishop Don instead? He’s got the charisma, the likability thing, the business acumen, and possibly a better grasp of   foreign relations. I’m sick of that stupid arrogant pizza … Continue reading

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Royalty Buffs

I’m not interested in Royalty, but I love old photographs.   Today I came across a forum for people who are obsessed with Royal families and it is a motherlode of vintage photos. An unexpected bonus is the number of arguments … Continue reading

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