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Feathered Motorcycle Boot

Hahahahahahaha! “This Brunello Cucinelli boot takes a venerable biker style on a flight of fancy. The ostrich feather flourish, however, easily detaches for versatility.” Neiman Marcus, $1,435.00

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Spring Houseboys

Here are the new houseboys for spring. Even if you’ve already done your spring cleaning, there is always more work to be done. I like a  houseboy  who is sensitive but slightly feral.   Strong enough to move furniture but delicate in his … Continue reading

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The Teeth Nightmare

I used to have a recurring nightmare about my teeth falling out. I would hold out my hand as I helplessly spit out the teeth. I’ve heard it’s a common dream and it probably means something about something. Over the … Continue reading

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Billy Goat

“Don’t deny it, you’re kinda obsessed with this right?? I mean it’s pretty amazing. Real goat hair upper on a gorgeous wood heel takes serious fashion cred to pull off.” Well, they’ve got our number at Solestruck; are they psychic … Continue reading

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Why would a bloody nose help to sell Givenchy menswear, one might ask oneself upon seeing the above photo from a fashion editorial. The answer is the same one that explains the popularity of nosebleeds on tumblr.   Just don’t expect … Continue reading

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This is Just Wrong

I don’t know why, but it is. No matter how many other times it’s been done.

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Hating The Ex

I recently had the pleasure of spending an evening with an old friend who is now divorced from the husband who used to boss her around and make her have sex with him three times a week without regard to … Continue reading

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Don’t be Mad!

Imagine how upset I was to click on What’s New at net-a-porter only to find that I’d missed out on another impressive statement piece.   Those of you who rely on me for shopping tips, please try to understand.   I’m so … Continue reading

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