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Big Boy Pants

What the fuck is up with the “big boy pants?” It’s such an annoying expression that after hearing it three times, I need it to go away. Did everyone hear Debbie Wasserman Schultz tell Romney and his staff to put … Continue reading

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Let’s Do the Math

Admit that these shoes are perfect for me. They’re flat, they’re pointy, they’re an impractical color. They are screaming my name. Plus, they’re on sale, reduced from $850 to $340! I would be saving $510! But I know it’s wrong … Continue reading

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First We Kill All The

One day last week, I had the clever idea of paraphrasing Shakespeare with a post called “First we kill  all the something,”  But now I’ve forgotten what the Something was. You’d think if I really hated it, I would remember … Continue reading

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The Real Truth About Tom and Katie

I just had an exclusive interview with myself and here’s what I learned: Everything you read about Katie and Tom‘s divorce is coming directly to you out of someone’s ass! That’s right, and not long ago, it came from mine, … Continue reading

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Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles: Something to See

Resurrect Dead : The Mystery of the Toynbee tiles is an unusually compelling documentary about a young artist who becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of odd handmade tiles that began appearing randomly on streets and highways across America in … Continue reading

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4th of July

Listening to the fireworks outside tonight, I’m reminded of Eddie, a kid who lived down the street. He was obsessed with fireworks and talked about them all year long. Eddie was always a little shit. He was the same age … Continue reading

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