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The Holey T-Shirt Mystery

I don’t want a t-shirt with holes, but I have around 50 of them anyway. All the holes are in the same place: on the front, a little below the waist. Last year, a friend told me that she had … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan: What a Fucking Cunt™!

Oh, snap! After insisting that his obsession with Ayn Rand is an “urban legend,” a tape has surfaced in which Ryan gushes about Ayn Rand’s philosophy: “It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all … Continue reading

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Gallery Girls: Feel the Hate

Gallery Girls is a great way to feel better abut yourself no matter how awful you are. The latest reality ick-fest by Bravo TV, Gallery Girls follows the pointless lives of some tragically deluded young women seeking a place in … Continue reading

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As if.

This skirt makes me want to kill myself. But wait. Here is the rear view: “A patchwork of True Religion denim forms this flowing, vintage-inspired maxi skirt. Slant hip pockets detail the front, and inky-blue pocket shadows darken the back.” … Continue reading

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Word Usage: Count the Crimes

Here’s a beaded cat-ear headband for $1,290 at net-a-porter, but that’s not the problem. Here’s the description: There are so many things wrong in this one paragraph! I counted six word crimes, and you may find that I passed some … Continue reading

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