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Dana Loesch: What a Fucking Cunt!™

Watching right-wing psychopath Dana Loesch shouting down Van Jones and Piers Morgan on the issue of gun control tonight, I nearly had a stroke. My husband finally snapped, “If you can’t stand it, turn it off.” It was probably good … Continue reading

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Birthday Love

  Max is 37 today, somewhere out in the cosmos where I will find him when the time comes. Lighting a candle and waiting it out.

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Beatles Party

  My friend Jane threw a great party for her birthday, instructing her guests to dress as characters from a Beatles song. The creative challenge was enough to make me accept the invitation and even more noteworthy, to get up off my … Continue reading

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Family: Part II

  Great news! We received this nice email today from my very special sister: To be clear, I am taking my position as Trustee very seriously, just like a real job within a business.  With that in mind, I keep … Continue reading

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Poor Jodi

  I thought I was alone in my sympathy for murderess Jodi Arias, but look, there is a whole website in support of her, unless they are joking, in which case I salute them. Actually, I salute them either way. … Continue reading

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Let’s Love Me

I got these sunglasses yesterday from Out of the Closet for only $8, minus the 10% Senior Discount! I fucking rule. I also got the green top for $6.50 (minus discount) and it’s covered in nonsensical badges, rhinestones and d-rings, … Continue reading

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A Special Game

Inner Vision is a computer game created by a college student who has given some thought to suicide. The goal of the game is to convince three people not to kill themselves. As a player, you interact with them, choosing … Continue reading

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