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Gwyneth, Enough Already!

I know it’s not very interesting to hate Gwyneth, but how can one ignore her this week? It’s like she WILL NOT REST until every single person on earth detests her. Is her work done yet? If not, we’re getting … Continue reading

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  After days of watching death and mayhem in real time on TV, I have a question: Aren’t the owners of the disastrous Texas fertilizer plant every bit as guilty as a terrorist bomber? “West Fertilizer Co is a retail facility that blends fertilizer … Continue reading

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As if.

  “Layered stitching lends a repaired look to these slim, two-tone skinny pants from 3.1 Phillip Lim, while tied sleeves and a sweater overlay add a clever element.” Got that? These pants have a sweater SEWN ON to them! You … Continue reading

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Bearded Ladies

I was thrilled by a heads-up from my UK boyfriend David Duff, directing me to the wonderful lady above. Her name is Mariam, and according to her, the beard is the result of an experiment: She wanted to see what … Continue reading

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Family: Part III

  My youngest sister is an anomaly in our family: she is a blond bombshell.  I didn’t meet her until she was 16. One night, she asked me to help with her geometry homework. I was excited to get the … Continue reading

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Two Good Things

  Look at this crazy ring! I love the concept of a ring that looks at itself. You can buy it here.   Now look at Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. They are siblings from England whose band includes their mom … Continue reading

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A Disturbance in the Force

  It hurt my heart to learn that Matthew Warren, the son of Pastor Rick Warren, ended his life at age 27. I didn’t even need to read the story to assume that Matthew’s death was caused by lifelong depression. … Continue reading

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Douche or Dreamboat?™

  I think it’s time for me to trademark this feature, that’s how much I like it.  Remember the last time we played? My first reaction to this guy was YES! I might have even made some kind of noise. … Continue reading

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