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Your Go-to Boots for Fall

These boots by Philip Lim are my first choice.  Not only do they look like a boot giving birth to another boot (or a parasitic twin) but they have an open-toe, convenient for testing the weather. Plus, they sag nicely … Continue reading

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Sgt. Paul David Adkins: What a Fucking Cunt!™

  On day two of the Pretrial Hearing, David Coombs asked Captain Steven Lim about a 2009 email “PFC Manning wrote to Master Sgt. Paul Adkins with a picture of himself dressed as a woman…and how his gender identity affects him…[h]ow it … Continue reading

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Fear of Old Ladies

  It has taken several days to emerge from the spell cast by Top of the Lake. I miss the weird atmosphere and the intensity of the relationships. Now that I’m back in my own world, I’m preoccupied by the … Continue reading

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An Artist to Love

  Matjames Metson is a self-taught artist whose work needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Each piece is complicated but deliberate, and full of hidden delights. His art is personal but resonates with wonder and mystery. … Continue reading

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The Butler: No

How much would it take to get you to see The Butler? For me, $500. Before you answer, remember, it even has Robin Williams! State your price.  

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Schoolgirl Issues

A few days ago, I went out with my husband to look for shoes. While he looked, I headed for the kids section to look for a schoolgirl skirt. Just like all normal people, I have a fetish for pleated … Continue reading

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You’re Welcome!

This picture of a very young Angelina Jolie fills my heart with joy.  Keep looking at it until you feel the joy, too. Here, the young Daphne Guinness looks forward to adopting the role of Eccentric Style Icon. See? Life … Continue reading

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