Cunt of the Week™: Dr. Laura Schlessinger

If you haven’t heard this recording of Dr. Laura yelling “Nigger nigger nigger!” to a caller who asked for advice on dealing with racism, turn up your speakers.

This bitch is clearly out of her fucking mind and needs to be fired. There is no excuse for her, unless she can prove she was off her medication. Her “apology” the next day is fatuous posturing.

Please join me in bestowing upon dumb bitch Dr. Laura Schlessinger her richly deserved Cunt of the Week™ award!

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67 Responses to Cunt of the Week™: Dr. Laura Schlessinger

  1. Erika says:

    she’s just a waste of human space

  2. spunky says:

    UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. I remember protest marching against this twisted delusional freak 10 years ago for being an unapologetic bigot. Never thought she’d have a public voice again and then



    America is full of serious fuck wads.

  3. Tim says:

    sweet sweeeeeeeeeeeeet karma

    Give em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.
    OMG she just cut her whole fucking head off on worldwide radio, tv and internet

    Bravo my darling. Dreams really do come true.

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Caroline – The end of this year is too long for that bitch to be on the air. But thanks for the heads up!!

  5. Completely missed this being a Brit and all, but I got about 30 seconds in before I had to cut it off in disgust. Who the fuck is this woman to tell someone when or when not to take offence? Calling a caller, some humble fan who wants her advice, ‘hypersensitive’ within about two seconds of her answering the call….I wonder if she thinks me calling her a vile insensitive bitch is just me being hypersensitive. Cunt of the Week, no question.

  6. holy cow. That was bad, really really bill o’reilly bad. How is this woman on the New York Times best seller list? What is wrong with our country that people would go out and buy this woman’s drivel. . . Poor jade for attempting to seek help from this loony. Is this the first time someone has tried to discuss race with the “dr”? Frightening. that’s all i can say.

  7. sisty56 says:

    well, all’s well that ends well. You know by now that Dr. Laura has more or less tucked tail and run off, licking her wounds, or her asshole, as the case may be. I won’t miss her — though I used to be weirdly fascinated by her, listening to her with this morbid fascination until she just went too far, and I’d snap the car radio off in disgust. My boys — then just little guys, captive in their carseats in the back seat — are still giving me shit to this day for making them listen to it.

  8. Jared Hanamaikai says:

    I agree, she is a fucking cunt. I searched Dr. Laura is a cunt on facebook and this came up.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Jared – Well, now you know where to go when someone’s a cunt!

  10. Catharina – I don’t think you set out to be racist. But unfortunately, it’s rationally argued (whether correct or not) points and stereotyping like what you say above that have allowed Dr Laura to think that being offensively racist is acceptable (see her rant about how if a white person says the n word it’s offensive).

  11. Witch Moma says:

    Ah-h-h-yes. She’s quit her job, admitted guilt & is now propped up by S. Palin. Cunts of a feather. . . . .

  12. TheShoeGirl says:

    I haven’t heard it yet ’cause I’ve been out of the country but at SFO last night I saw good ol Al Sharpton chiming in on the issue on CNN. It’s Michael Richardson all over again.

  13. kirstie says:

    Thats really sad that this is where we still are. I do agree that the word shouldnt be used at all by african americans or caucasians but really. She was extra rude when the lady was trying to explain herself. Plus shes on the radio acting ignorant like that its really sad.


  14. the dude says:

    Hm. I have to take issue with this.

    You said that Dr. Laura clearly needs to be fired.

    If, by fired, you mean executed by being skinned alive and then lit on fire in the streets, while onlookers point and laugh, and there are parade floats blaring the song “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead”, then you are correct and I agree with you.

    If, however, you mean anything else whatsoever, then you are wrong.

  15. jude says:

    Miserable ugly bitch Even wrote off her own parents rather than mend relationships Also raised a heartless confused nazi son

  16. Roderick Brentnall says:

    Excerpt from “The West Wing.” We all know who she’s playing. You guessed it…
    “C**t of the week.”

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