Cunt of the Week™: Sen. Roy Ashburn

California State Senator Roy Ashburn (R) seemed like too much of a no-brainer for Cunt of the Week , but then I thought, “If it walks like a cunt and it quacks like a cunt….”

The man is a cunt, pure and simple. With a staunch anti-gay rights voting record, Ashburn has come out as gay, only after being arrested for DUI upon leaving a popular gay nightspot in Sacramento.

Ashburn has voted against a number of gay rights measures, including efforts to expand anti-discrimination laws and recognize out-of-state gay marriages. Last year, he opposed a bill to establish a day of recognition to honor slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk.

Equality California, a group that advocates for expanded gay rights and other issues, has consistently given Ashburn a zero rating on its scorecard.

Today, Ashburn’s statement is typically self-dramatizing and hypocritical:

“I am gay … those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long.” (Awwww, boo hoo!) “The best way to handle that is to be truthful and to say to my constituents and all who care that I am gay. But I don’t think it’s something that has affected, nor will it affect, how I do my job.”

Here’s what bothers me the most. In his radio interview, Ashburn said he is drawing on his Christian faith, and he asked people to pray for him.

PRAY FOR WHAT, you fucking cunt?!? That god forgives you for being gay? That he turns you into a heterosexual? Or that people don’t view you as a fat sanctimonious liar?

Imagine if I voted for all kinds of anti-Semitic legislation and then asked for people to forgive me because I was afraid to admit I was Jewish? Would I deserve sympathy, or would I be a Cunt of the Week ?

I rest my case. Congratulations, Sen. Roy Ashburn!

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28 Responses to Cunt of the Week™: Sen. Roy Ashburn

  1. Rob says:

    I’ll say you were mad! Maybe it was a Freudian slip, but you called him Ashcroft for a moment there. As it is, I listened to the interview a little while ago, and simply have to say that another one bites the dust. I’m sure there’s many more where he came from, awaiting a surprising moment in the limelight. I’m not sure if this whole affair, to say nothing of his voting record, says worse about him, or his constituents.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Rob – Ha, I see I mixed up my cunts! I corrected the Ashcroft. I don’t know about Ashburn’s constituents , but it’s absurd of him to blame THEM for his votes.

  3. arline says:


    I pray for him to go away.

  4. Juri says:

    Is it that time of year again – outing time for closeted republicans? Yes, Summer is almost here!

  5. Eliza says:

    Not quite as delicious as being caught toe- and ass- taping in airport restrooms. If he can’t accept the Bible as the corrupted word of man, couldn’t someone at least tell him that arsenokoitai doesn’t mean “homosexual”?

  6. E says:

    “If it looks like a cunt and quacks like a cunt” made me snort cornflakes all over my keyboard. Can you imagine if a cunt actually quacked? Love your work.

  7. Cricket9 says:

    Well deserved title. Congratulations, Mr. Cunt!

  8. Mark says:

    I can’t stand how much I love you, Sister Wolf! I look forward to a new cunt every week.

    And to you, Roy: Hang your new yellow prize ribbon on your wall between the 1984 Chippendales Calendar and the Judy Garland photo.

  9. PeaceBwithU says:

    Sister once again you have outed ( pun intended) another cunt extraordinaire. What is it with these idiots who just decide one day after having bashed the gay for so long that they are NOW a homo. Seriously some cunts just can’t help themselves.

  10. OMGGMAB says:

    Homophobia is most often exhibited by men who are what? Gay! I’d say that Ashburn’s legislative behavior has caused him to cut his dick off despite his groin.

  11. Iron Chic says:

    It is only March yet I sense a VERY strong contender for Cunt of the Year.

  12. Ann says:

    Nice ribbon, Sister! I’m so excited that my vote towards AssBurn made a difference in his big win this week!

    And Iron Chic is SO right. I can’t wait for the Cunt of the Year recap and voting!

  13. A well-deserved honor.

  14. Jenny Dunville says:

    Excellent choice! This is a common scenario among homophobic legislators. I can’t wait for the next chapter on this guy.

  15. Good grief he wanted this awarded big style!

  16. Sil says:

    Can we foreigners nominate international cunts? Can we? Pleasepleaseplease… Anyway, after reading about this one, great choice. I could spare some more spanish assholes if you don´t have enough in USA.

  17. erika says:

    Good choice. I hope what he is praying for is forgiveness for opressing the rights of others and breaking the golden rule. He is a jerk.

  18. Adrienne says:

    Rightly deserved! That quote is priceless too…

  19. Anjuna says:

    Wish I could bitchslap that cunt.

    Well deserved title. >.<

  20. Alicia says:

    One down…I wonder how many others there are…


  21. Andy says:

    Now self hating gay men everywhere have a role model, other than Anderson Cooper.

  22. PeaceBwithU says:

    Hey watch it …Anderson Cooper is off limits. He is perfection at its best!!!

  23. Mathilde says:

    I’d like to nominate Olivier Zahm for Cunt of Week. Read this and tell me the man is not a cunt!
    Also see the rest of his website and the fact that he appears to be best friends with Terry Richardson.

    Karl Lagerfeld is not quite a cunt yet although he appears to be getting closer… his mind seems to be lost in some alternate fashion universe.

  24. erika says:

    “Karl Lagerfeld is not quite a cunt yet although he appears to be getting closer… his mind seems to be lost in some alternate fashion universe.”

    Good one, I saw the Chanel collection – Yeti Pants and boots, and thought He is so fucking with everyone. just slap a logo on it. Why Try ??

  25. Audi says:

    Another excellent choice for Cunt of The Week. Your post reminded me of this fantastic comic:

  26. Sarah says:

    ha ha ha ha! I’m probably very immature, but I’m loving your over-use of the word cunt. Truly it is brilliant and needs to be reclaimed by us ladies as the wonderful thing it is.

    Don’t know this guy but, man, he looks like a cunt.

  27. hammie says:

    Best radio interview ever. xx

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