Cunt of the Week™: Terry Richardson

I’ve hated this cunt since the first time I laid eyes on him. I didn’t have to hear a model’s confession about his behavior to know how unsavory a creature he is. He adopts the look of a shady pervert and clearly revels in it. Think how funny it must seem to him! “I look like a disgusting scumbag, AND THE JOKE IS THAT I AM ONE!” Haha, Terry, we get it.

Every time I’ve seen his name on a fashion layout that crosses the line into soft porn, I’ve felt vaguely soiled. Now it’s good to know that he’s widely hated.

On his website, he has posted a terse little note of self-pity. His feelings are hurt, he says. Elsewhere on the world wide web you can find some commentary that goes like this: Big deal, everyone knows that Terry likes to get it on with models. That’s business as usual.

What?!? This fucker is a blight on the civilized world. I don’t want to hear one more word about his huge penis or how often he waves it around. I’m sorry that he has defenders, because some things are indefensible. He uses his power to molest and humiliate models who believe this is the price they must pay to get work. No one is there to protect them or back them up. Not Vogue, Rolling Stone, GQ, not the agencies, nobody.

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here. But if you really hate this cunt and you want to make a difference, why not send an email to the CEO of Conde Nast Publications Inc? Here’s what I wrote to

Dear Mr. Townsend,

As a longtime reader of Vogue and W,   I am disturbed by the unprofessional and in some cases criminal behavior of the photographer Terry Richardson. I urge you to stop publishing the work of this sexually predatory individual at once. Fashion should not be tainted by the abuse of models, and consumers don’t want to be a part of such practices. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.

Yours truly,

Sister Wolf


It feels good to write to a CEO! Let’s see what happens.

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56 Responses to Cunt of the Week™: Terry Richardson

  1. Cassandre says:

    She deleted it so I thought I’d repost a link that works :

  2. gavin says:

    the guy is a scumbag. im also a pro photographer and the way agencies send girls to him in droves despite knowing hes a total pervert cunt makes me sick. bookers are morons sometimes. you have to wonder if they would send their daughters to him too, or if its just something they are prepared to do with other peoples kids? good on ya for writing this blog post.

  3. ellemuah says:

    Soo anywho, its not so much that I am filled with righteous indignation for the acts of Terry Richardson,It has more to do with the fact hat this self exalted turd feels that because he happened to be spat out of a particular crotch that was inseminated by a influential sperm donor, he has the right to ruin the solitude of my Saturday morning. It was always me, coffee and an issue of Bazzar. I just wanted to relax, forget the putrid vile of my workweek and check out some cute clothes. Not anymore. Now, while flipping through the pages of Bazzar I have begun to notice the subtle terror and the urge to puke written across the faces of the models he photographs (and by photographs I mean the God like skill needed to point a camera at a subject and push a button). Tom Ford spoke of him as beyond reproach and Anna Wintour feels the same, however, I beginning to feel that all of these characters are nothing more than fart in the wind. Who the fuck are you without our watchful eyes anyway? Perhaps its the unfortunate power of the internet that makes these people smaller and smaller, or its the realization that I am being pressured to buy disposable clothes that I don’t need and often don’t want in order for them to maintain your status, but as time goes on, the Emperor has less and less clothes. You were a gnat on my morning Bazzar and now I will flick you into oblivion Terry Richardson. After 6 years of devoted subscription, I cancelled Bazaar. Fuck You.

  4. Denis says:

    Terry Richardson rules
    you stupid hypocrites who selflessly destroy all in the name of Jesus, Die you fuckin bastards!!!

  5. Derp Derp says:

    If he has this “image” or “reputation”, why work with him? Why blame Terry when it is the models and celebrities who are giving him some spotlight / making him rich? It is not rape if you consensually sign up for a photo shoot and put yourself in that position. Of the above photos of women who were ‘raped’ by Terry… I dont know about you, but if I was getting raped, I wouldnt have a smile or even the slightest of grins on my face.

    Terry is just any ol guy doing something that he believes is art. If models, celebrities or the general public buy into it, is that Terry’s fault? He is not original (any more at least), so, go pick another artist. No? Keep giving him publicity and attention? OK!

    Personally, I think his early work is great. But in the last 8 years, his work has become rather bland and meh. Right when I saw he made a book about Gaga, I mentally boycotted him for selling out. (despite his other work with other celebrities early on)

    Also numbers 3-5 of your reasons to boycott him are invalid. That is his art. Good for you to have an opinion of why you feel justified to punch a guy in the face, but if that is his niche, let him run with it. Nobody is critiquing you on how you like your sandwiches at subway.

  6. gene says:

    sister wolf , can’t even use your real legal name to be cleared of slander per say

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