Thanks to Queen Michelle, I have developed an obsession with girdles. I am hoping it will go the way of my obsessions with Fred Harvey jewelry, Shriner regalia, botanica spells, Victorian tiger claws, nurse paraphernalia and Catholic children’s coloring books.

Meanwhile though, I am going at full throttle. Girdles are fucking fabulous!

Growing up, I was disgusted by girdles. They symbolized everything I loathed: Restrictions, deceit, middle-class womanhood. Ugh. They were ugly and repellent. They were even sad.

Later, I learned to love the look and power of a nice bustier, like all normal wives. I have a drawer full of them, all proud of having served their time in such a noble enterprise.

But searching the web for girdles has enlightened me as to the glorious and fetishistic weirdness they exude. You don’t have to be fashionably slim to look good in them. In fact, they make a sturdy or even beefy woman look quite tantalizing, like a PTA Lady crossed with a dominatrix. It’s the aspect of repression, and the challenge of conquering all that rubber and boning that make the girdle so erotic (I think. Men: Am I close?)

I really like the industrial strength girdles, and I never knew they came with zippers! The more retro the better, obviously, but I found one company that will die their girdles any color of your choice, a concession to the modern punk or slut in all of us.

While I can’t get the same thrill from suspender belts, this 8-strap Van Doren on the right, above, deserves to be admired as a quasi-girdle. It’s so crazy and excessive! It would be nice worn over a long skirt, Steampunk style, or with nothing but one’s fat ass to set off it’s beauty.   At $50, I’m sure you would get your money’s worth.

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17 Responses to Girdles!

  1. Jools says:

    I will remain true to my hippie/flower child youth. No thank you girdle-corset-bustier-garter-nay-not even a THONG.

  2. JK says:

    My Dear Sister Wolf,

    I am looking forward to replacing my screensaver. Not, mind that I have grown tired of gazing lovingly at it, (since it is your’s I suppose I shouldn’t describe same as “it” butt).

    Anyway, how ’bout another pic? I promise I’ll remain true to your denim clad ass but doggonit, I like to toggle between stuff.

    And garters too? My, I’ll complete that “no extraordinary measures” thingy the VA sent me immediately.

    Mind, if I could be cheaply resusitated, my last wish would be a girdled garter clad ass view of my Sister Wolf. Alas, like Jools, “No thong.”

    I’m tired. But I’m not that tired.

  3. WendyB says:

    The word “girdle” makes me gurgle.

  4. Dena says:

    I hear you about the girdle thing. I secretly think of myself as some kind of Betty Page wannabe perhaps. Anyway, this isn’t quite a girdle exactly , but I saw this corset T-shirt in Agent Provocateur the other day & am still lusting after it immensely.

  5. Dexter VanDango says:

    The pleasure of wearing a girdle must be akin to the pleasure of hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.

    It feels so good when you stop.

  6. Virginian says:

    If you haven’t already, you might want to look at ZONA- The Girdle Zone ( – a tasteful and comprehensive site on the cultural and erotic significance of the garment.

  7. Deni says:

    I’m with Jools; I like my body unconstrained.

    (Though, during the Middle Cambrian period, I worked at Trashy lingerie; hence, I owned a few such animals . . . and a selling point was that if you wear them everyday they will decrease the size of your stomach and waist . . . but who could wear them everyday . . . ?)

  8. hammie says:

    Happy enough with my waist to butt ratio but will they ever make a sexy way of unbiggening thighs?


  9. Jacqui says:

    I love them too but “girdle” sounds so ugly, and is something different (a girdle is that super tight and plastic skirt you squeeze into underneath your regulars).

    It’s a corset, and it feels amazing.

  10. Swayframe says:

    I could be convinced w/r/t the sexay girdle thang, but I’m just super freakin’ glad (can I get a halleluja?) we don’t have to wear maxi pads with STRAPS going up to our WAISTS. Lordy the indignity of my mother’s generation!

  11. Sister Wolf says:

    Jools – Ha! I love a purist.

    JK – Don’t sign anything!

    Wendy – I know what you mean. But I’m embracing it, anyway.

    Dena – YES, I like that too! Can you get it??

    Dexter – Same with high heels.

    Virginian – Wow. What a great resource! Thank you!

    Deni – You worked at Trashy?!?

    hammie – I don’t care, I’m just happy with the sound of “unbiggening.”

    Jacqui – “Corset” does connote something more alluring.

    Swayframe – You’re right. But the thong pad is kind of tragic in its own way, don’t you think?

  12. Hmm, I’m tempted by these. My husband would be ecstatic if I pranced around in one of those 8-strap suspender belts.

    Swayframe – and in my mom’s day they saved rags to use as pads! which is why, she said, calling someone “a rag” used to be quite the derogatory term.

  13. Deni says:

    Yes, Sister W. I worked for Mitch and Tracy when they were YOUNG, fat, smelly, and disgusting. Wretched people! Now, that must have been over 25 years ago. Yikes, that’s a quarter of a century. I must have been 10 years old.

  14. Tom Sleifer says:

    Yes I to have a Girdle Obession. I love how I look and feel in a girdle. I have a dramatic increase in energy and confidence. Once I experienced the positive effects of daily wearing a girdle I am really addicted and I love it.

  15. Thank god there are still some sexy, feminine women left. Love the photograph. Liken you I love girdles. I find them very comfortable and there is no better way to hold up stockings. keep itm up.

  16. Leslie says:

    My mother introduced me to girdles in order to provide lower back support following a spinal injury I had when I was fifteen. She soon discovered that it was the most delighful sensation I have ever experienced.

  17. Rainlaw says:

    There’s something about getting into them.

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