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I was just recoiling from the word “lady”when used in neologisms like ladyboss or lady-parts, when I came across this horrifying tidbit about the Vagina Monologues:

Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologue “Reclaiming Cunt” spells out every letter and encourages the audience to see the word as beautiful, powerful and sexy rather than disgusting, degrading and ugly. In one of the most powerful pieces of theatre I’ve seen, the audience is invited to chant the word “cunt” back at the person delivering the monologue.

God. I had no idea.

That’s theater, yelling ‘cunt?’

Not a day goes by that I don’t yell Cunt, several times in fact, either at the TV or my computer. I can’t believe that cunt is still such a big deal. But it is, according to the Guardian:

“Cunt” is still regarded as the most shocking word in the English language. Its consonants are acerbically hard, its meaning unequivocal.

Its meaning is unequivocal?? Not at all. Often, it just means “dude” as in “some cunt took my parking space.” Other times, it might mean bitch, like “Look at what that cunt Hillary just said about Bernie.”

If the Guardian thinks it means “vagina,” that’s just stupid. No one uses ‘cunt’ that way. And if they did, so what?

Why is ‘cunt’ worse than”pussy?” I guess I’ll never understand the negative power of a word I find so useful and even fun!

Getting back to “lady” though, ugh, horrible. Remember ladyboner? Horrible. Ladyboy is kind of cute, though, because it’s confusing or because Amy Winehouse used it, but otherwise lady-anything is just grating to my ear and somehow repulsive.

Here are the other words that have bothered me this week:

jettisoned (used by a blogger who meant ‘threw away’)
China (as enunciated by Donal Trump)
crossbody (a type of handbag)
sneaks (for sneakers, ew!)
substantive (quick. try saying it 3 times)
intersectional ( pc gibberish)

Your turn, if you’ve got anything.




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4 Responses to Cunts!

  1. Great (horrible) ones, especially jettisoned. In agreement on cunt. I’m tired of groups feeling like they’ve got to “take back” a word. Folks should use their own discretion with language, consider their audience (or not), and be responsible for their own damn word choice.

    A few that send me over the edge and one I like:

    “I know, right?” Too many people in my life make a statement or observation and follow it up with this piece of shit. It is always uttered before I have responded to their observation. Either way, completely grating. Sometimes , it’s just “Right? Right?”

    Turnt: used by the younger set, so maybe it’s really cool. I just know I hate it.

    I have a friend that uses so many colloquial phrases. I never tire of them coming from her. Yesterday she said, “Can’t stroke a check for that shit” when telling me about some pricey school trip her son’s class is taking. Just love it.

  2. Suspended says:

    I had a friend visit the other day that can not say anything without it ending with “if that makes sense.” It drives me fucking mad! She even said it at the beginning and end of one sentence. It nearly tipped me over the edge. It’s not as if the conversation is so deep that I’d struggle to find her perspective. “I don’t really like black coffee. If that makes sense?” URGH!

    Thank you for reminding me of the horror that is ‘ladyboner.’

    Cunt still retains a gasp in the UK. In certain circles it’s becoming more casual and everyday which I’m not sure I appreciate. Some words shouldn’t have their status diminished. To substitute it for the word ‘dude’ is fast tracking it to normalisation which is a travesty. ‘Dude of the Month’ just doesn’t have the same depth.

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    suzanne – I just thought of ‘eatery’ Right, right?

    Suspended – The ONLY person who gets to say ‘if that makes sense’ is Stephen Hawking!

  4. John says:

    Sans, rather than without (condescending tech types often use this). Also beverage (how about drinks?) and offerings as in a restaurant board with “today’s offerings”. I always assumed an offering was something given freely to the gods.

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