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The Love Between Men

It is my opinion that every major American movie is about the Love between Men. More than an opinion, it is a conviction. You can argue with me, but you will be wrong. You can say, like someone did last … Continue reading

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Youth in Asia

Today, I read an op-ed piece in the LA Times about euthanasia, along with a sidebar thing saying that new legislation on this subject is up for a vote in California. First of all, I will always be bothered by … Continue reading

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Entourage Exegesis

entourage.jpg Thinking about Entourage, I realize how little about it I am able to grasp. The tone, the target audience, the reason it’s so popular, these elements remain a mystery to me, even though I’ve seen most of the series … Continue reading

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Why Men Hate Women

Before you get all excited, let me say that I am no feminist, far from it. I don’t think women should play lead guitar in rock bands, and I don’t want them to be sports commentators. I don’t want men … Continue reading

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Why Did God Make Ann Coulter?

Even though I’m a devout atheist, I sometimes wonder what the hell He is thinking. Ann Coulter! That is some fucked up shit. Up to now, I have just thought of her as a horse-faced anorexic with a strange turn … Continue reading

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Leave My Vag Out Of It

In the last week, to my great dismay, two women I know have imposed the V word on me. I realize that by admitting a dislike for it, I am inviting an endless barrage of V word comments and messages, … Continue reading

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Haven’t Been There, Haven’t Done That

Nobody likes a snob, but we Reverse-snobs can be even more obnoxious. I’ve come to take pride in the fact that I haven’t seen any Star Wars movies. Or Jaws, or the Godfather. I never saw The Brady Bunch or … Continue reading

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