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Giving Up Celebrities

When I stopped writing for Popdust a few weeks ago, I never thought I would lose interest in celebrities. Having to write about them every day involved a total immersion in their real and made-up antics. I labored over the … Continue reading

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Do The Math

I went to the doctor to get some awful infusion for my decrepit bones, and all I could think about was that I’d gained two pounds. I don’t have a scale at home and I don’t like getting on them … Continue reading

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Five Years In

I’ve read that the first four years are the hardest. And you are most at risk to kill yourself. I’m still here. That can be tough to excuse or justify. I’ve lit my candle. It’s only right to thank the … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Amy

My poor darling Amy. I didn’t expect you to die, even if everyone else did. I expected you to get clean and sober, somehow. I expected you to live and I wanted you to live even if you never made … Continue reading

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Too Stupid to Get Out of Jury Duty?

Well, everybody is mad, and here’s why:   That bitch is guilty! No matter how many lectures are written about this trial and its coverage in the media, if you followed the whole thing from the beginning, you know she’s guilty. … Continue reading

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Weiner Dog

Anthony Weiner is a gift from god for people like me who are struggling with depression.   His predicament (no pun intended) is so bizarre and tawdry, and yet  Shakespearean. If character is destiny, Weiner is screwed, or as he would put … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Jane™ 2-27-2011

My first response to these spring pumps by D&G was: “Sea of Shoes!” I   can’t think of anyone who could wear them better than Jane. No one can do Nutty 70’s Divorcee like Jane does. Somehow she manages to look … Continue reading

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“She Could’ve Just Said No:” Part I

Poor Kendra. I didn’t have any thoughts about her sex tape until Alicia sent me a link today that left me upset and deeply depressed.   You can read it here.   “Evil Beet” describes the action on the tape in painful … Continue reading

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Some Girl Hates Me

Here is   new comment from “renee” on a post from last year about an eBay nemesis: FIRST OF ALL SHE IS A TALENTED DESIGNER AND DONT YOU WISH YOU HAD THE IDEA FIRST WELL YEAH OF COURSE YOU DO THATS … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of Venice

Last night some time after midnight, while trying to figure out why I was watching a show called “Miami Social” since I can never remember who the characters are or which ones are the more offensive, I was rudely interrupted … Continue reading

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