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Golden Globes 2019 Exegesis

I know I’m late but the Exegesis must go on, so here we go. As usual, the show was a boring waste of time but let me say that the ONLY thing I wanted was for Lady Gaga not to … Continue reading

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An Exciting Offer From The Neptune Society

A letter from the Neptune Society is a rite of passage I would gladly forego, but they are relentless. I’ve been getting them for a couple of years, and it occurred to me that it might be nice to share … Continue reading

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Exciting New Contest!

A neighbor just two houses away from us has put up this handmade sign, and in my opinion, she is asking for trouble.  Make that begging for trouble. I feel duty-bound to oblige. Keep in mind there are no other … Continue reading

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Top Ten Worst People

Someone just remarked to me that calling Mother Theresa ‘bad’ was only relative; on a scale of 1 to 10, was she as bad as Hitler, or Pol Pot? So now, probably because I’m a little stoned, I’m trying to … Continue reading

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Fashion Gibberish And A Contest

My cyber-friend and adopted daughter Annemarie has generously pointed me to a treasure trove of pretentious fashion gibberish that reads like a buzzword generator. In fact, the high-end shopping site Ssense has just launched such a generator and it’s fun … Continue reading

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Exciting Benefit Contest

Remember the Benefit Incident, and the pathetic correspondence that ensued between me and Patricia, the company’s US Customer Care Manager? Well, I wrote back to Patricia, turning on the ol’ Sister Wolf charm: Good evening Patricia, Your reply makes no … Continue reading

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Fashion Editor Styleapalooza

Ali knows that Fashion Editors like attention! Her umbrella is a good way to stab underlings and to teach Tavi how to really block the view at a runway show. See how she has artfully exposed her belly button, too. … Continue reading

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Fashion Editor Style

A young child might look at this photo and say, “Oh, look, clowns!” But we know better. Our next reader challenge is Fashion Editor Style. Can you look effortlessly crazy, chic, snooty, and age-inappropriate? Then get someone to take your … Continue reading

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Morbid Awful Footwear plus DIY

The shoes at are like a festival of roadkill. I’ve always loved fur but something about this footwear trend is making me gag. I wonder how dogs react when they see these things approaching? I’ve tried to decide which … Continue reading

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Clueless Goth Style Challenge!

Wasn’t the Nomadic Baglady style-fest the funnest thing ever?! Now, who’s ready to try Clueless Goth? Clueless Goth is a wonderful category that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Straight-up Goth is not what we’re going for. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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