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Men And Estrogen

Did you know that the average man has more estrogen than a post-menopausal woman? This seems to have major implications. But before I contemplate them, let’s remember that as men age, their testosterone levels fall, just as estrogen levels fall … Continue reading

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Over time, I have generously shared some Douches with you here, but lately I’ve been spending my valuable time on a feature called Douche of the Day™ for my friend’s pop culture website. It’s a a dirty job but someone’s … Continue reading

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A Poll for the Ladies

Which one do you want more? or

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Toy Fantasy Man

Smile Makers are sex toys with a cutesy design and a “playful” concept: they are named after different male stereotypes, kind of like the Village People. I don’t know much about sex toys and that’s the way I like it. … Continue reading

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Spring Houseboys

Here are the new houseboys for spring. Even if you’ve already done your spring cleaning, there is always more work to be done. I like a  houseboy  who is sensitive but slightly feral.   Strong enough to move furniture but delicate in his … Continue reading

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A Very Nice Person

Look at this nice person I met at the mall today! I asked him about his sit-ups and whether he did a lot of crunches. But he was too nice to talk about his work-out regime. All he wanted to … Continue reading

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All New Houseboys

This is Dimitri Alexandrou.   Some of you prefer more rugged, masculine houseboys, so help yourself to the new candidates. Here’s a hunk of tattooed burning love. Don’t know his name, don’t care. He’ll need to keep his hands off my … Continue reading

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Houseboys for August

I don’t know where you live, but Los Angeles is hot and sweaty in August. I need a Houseboy to fan me while I sip a cold drink. Jo Dong Hyuk looks like a highly accomplished Houseboy, don’t you think? … Continue reading

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All New Houseboys

I’ve tried to include Houseboys for all tastes but in fact they are all my favorites for this week. They can serve drinks and do odd jobs around the house, like fluff up your pillows. Take your pick and have … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Cute Guy Post IV

Short hair, long hair, it’s all good. Crazy hair, too. Oh, fuck it. I really like long hair.

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