Houseboys for August

I don’t know where you live, but Los Angeles is hot and sweaty in August. I need a Houseboy to fan me while I sip a cold drink. Jo Dong Hyuk looks like a highly accomplished Houseboy, don’t you think?

But look at Greg Kheel.

Greg seems like a versatile Houseboy who wouldn’t mind dressing up if the situation demands. In fact, I would be happy to let him raid my closet when he’s done with his chores.

Finally, there’s Renato Ferreira.

He’s young, sure, but I think he would bring a spirituality to his tasks. He can even wear the necklace if it  doesn’t  get in the way.

See anything you like?

*If you know of any worthy houseboys of this caliber, feel free to submit pictures to and I can include  them  with  the next batch.

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22 Responses to Houseboys for August

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve dressed Greg at a fashion show before. Have seen his abs in person.
    Just sayin’


  2. HamJamSpam says:

    number 2!! i’m dyyyying! :O

  3. Sista Coyote says:


  4. harmreduction says:

    My dream is #1.

    Thanks, mommy 4 the gift!

  5. Sheri says:

    Not doing anything for me. They’re all too young; I’d spend the while time trying to suck in my stomach and not looking down, creating that lovely middle-age double chin we all love so much.

    How about this guy?

  6. Ann says:

    Very nice, all of them, but I’ll take Greg. I’m pretty sure my affinity for hot men in women’s clothing is well-documented.

    And Sheri – yes, a thousand times yes, to Javier Bardem. Or, as I like to refer to him, Javier BarDAYUM.

  7. MizLottie says:

    Boys don’t do a thing for me, esp. those without any chest hair — too metrosexual. I’ll take Javier Bardem any day (lucky Penelope!). Or the guy playing Alcide on True Blood (muscles + tall).

  8. patni says:

    I will take jo dong please. Scrub my toilet!

  9. alittlelux says:

    i’ll take #2! i love #1’s face/hair but not the greased up mega 6 pack. can you start a houseboys tumblr?

  10. David Duff says:

    What a collection of wussies!

    Who needs them when you could have me – in my sarong!!!

    Or, better still, I could slowly and languorously remove my sarong and fan you with it. By jove, you’d need a really cold drink after that!

  11. Dru says:

    My gmail has been acting up, but might I use this space to recommend Jamie Bamber for inclusion in the next batch of houseboys?

    Though “boy” is rather the wrong term to use, he’s ALL MAN and the combination of baby blues and Bamceps onscreen have frequently put me in need of a cold drink afterwards.

  12. Dru says:

    Damn, caught in the moderation queue again.

  13. Dru says:

    And as for people who like things of the more “boy” persuasion, I recommend having a good look at Yoann Gourcuff of the French national football team (image shamelessly pilfered from Kickette):

  14. Alicia says:

    Yes to all of this. And Duff in his sarong.

  15. Tallulah Eulallie says:

    Greedy bitch that I am, I’ll take all three!

  16. Kathleen says:

    Might have to share those wicked gold lame trousers with drama boy #2… LOL

  17. David Duff says:

    Alicia, you are obviously a lady of taste and discernment!

  18. Hammie says:

    David Duff just said “By Jove” – what?

  19. Suspended says:

    God above, I would like to look like Greg Kheel, please. I never ask you for anything and have always been a grateful individual but now I feel cheated. I would really appreciate it if you could fix your tiny mistake.

  20. Andra says:

    And double meh to David Duff.

  21. Dave C says:

    Come on, people! Jo (ahem) Dong Hyuk is clearly the one who deserves the houseboy job! The others look like the school bully! (If you went to my school that is).

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