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Your Lipstick Hunt is Over.

Cult objects of desire are always disappointing, with one exception. Make-up artist Pat McGrath’s lipsticks really are the most wonderful thing in the whole world (right after babies, of course!) They are everything you ever hoped for in a lipstick, … Continue reading

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The Bob Saget Incident

I was looking for my birth certificate today and while searching through drawers of documents, I came across several treasures. Needless to say, I still can’t find my birth certificate but I did find a little spiral notebook with nothing … Continue reading

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Houseboys for August

I don’t know where you live, but Los Angeles is hot and sweaty in August. I need a Houseboy to fan me while I sip a cold drink. Jo Dong Hyuk looks like a highly accomplished Houseboy, don’t you think? … Continue reading

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All New Houseboys

I’ve tried to include Houseboys for all tastes but in fact they are all my favorites for this week. They can serve drinks and do odd jobs around the house, like fluff up your pillows. Take your pick and have … Continue reading

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Move Over Godfrey and Andrej: David Chiang

He’s hot, Asian, and androgynous. He’s friends with Andrej. Maybe they talk about their hair? If the Lord didn’t want me to long for David Chiang, He wouldn’t have given me eyes.

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Gratuitous Cute Guy Post III

This one’s a little David Lee Roth, and yet….it works. Miles is nothing but pure yummy. Remember? Right? This one is making me forget about Miles. He’s a model from the Gilded Age SS-11 runway show, but I feel certain … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Cute Guy Post II

He’s young but he’s 6′ 1″ with green eyes. Is it wrong to love Miles McMillen? Maybe for you it is!

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Guys Can Be Girly

At times, it suits them, don’t you think?

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Gratuitous Cute Guy Post

Meet the next Johnny Depp. His name is Karl and he’s only 18. But he’s 6′ 2″.   He has “walked” for John Galliano and he can walk for me in my dreams seems like a very nice young man. What’s … Continue reading

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