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Your Lipstick Hunt is Over.

Cult objects of desire are always disappointing, with one exception. Make-up artist Pat McGrath’s lipsticks really are the most wonderful thing in the whole world (right after babies, of course!) They are everything you ever hoped for in a lipstick, … Continue reading

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I Don’t Practice Santeria

But I do love a botanica. I just found another one in Long Beach, hidden on a side street but filled with a million delights. Shelves that nearly reached the ceiling were stocked with perfumes, oils, cleaning sprays, amulets, religious … Continue reading

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Thriftshop Healing

I have developed a new obsession with silk pajamas, having bought a beautiful pair for $6.99 at Goodwill. Now, I have to look for more, because that’s what happens when you have a shopping disorder. Today, I was patiently searching … Continue reading

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Style Trumps Trump!

Things may be bad but for once there’s a silver lining and here he is. This is Mac, who agreed to let me pose with him so I could tell people he’s my boyfriend. He didn’t act all flattered, he … Continue reading

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Botanica: A Field Trip

Remember going on field trips when you were a kid? It was a chance to get out the classroom, and it would an adventure. Not always a good one, but a diversion from the routine of school. Last week I … Continue reading

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Big Black Boots

Years ago, I posed in these big black boots, aware that they looked stupid with the dress but probably thinking I was cool anyway. It was eight years ago and a whole other life. The boots are in my closet, … Continue reading

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If you’ve been following this story, you will be glad to hear that the Window Treatment issue has been sorted out. We are getting blinds in fake wood that looks really real, ordered from a fantastic Persian lady who also … Continue reading

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Dumbing Down

We are packing our shit and preparing to leave our house, the house where nobody likes to throw anything away. I like the idea of a fresh start, in terms of starting over in a clean empty house and pretending … Continue reading

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The New House

Here’s me in my house where I’ve lived for nearly forty years. There’s Pico, too. And the fake deer head that was a present from my friend Mark, because we laughed at in in a catalog. I don’t know why … Continue reading

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Let’s Love Me

I got these sunglasses yesterday from Out of the Closet for only $8, minus the 10% Senior Discount! I fucking rule. I also got the green top for $6.50 (minus discount) and it’s covered in nonsensical badges, rhinestones and d-rings, … Continue reading

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